Download your free PDF file of the dodge caliber on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. INTRODUCTION. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and. Workshop Manual. Dodge Caliber Workshop Manual; (5, Pages). (Free) Owners Manual. Dodge Caliber Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free).

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Yes I have a also and I am not having that issue but I am having an issue with the fuse box and it may have to be replaced as well. Dkdge said I would need to contact an automotive electrician.

Dodge Caliber Repair Manual

I had my eye on a ,but my eyes are going elsewhere. I am having an issue with my left head light and left high beam. The dealer said we must of got a bad battery.

In park when I put the turn signal on either way the park latch flicks on and off and the brake lights flash and then I turn my headlights on and the brake lights go on solid and the park latch fully disengages then you push the brake and everything seems to reset – so weird. Dont really wanna cwliber em that much money for something that isnt that much of a deal in reality. I don’t believe it should be having such costly problems already!!! Surinder answered 6 years ago.

We towed the car and got it replaced. It is called the TIPM It’s been there for 3 weeks as they have been trying to recreate the problem where my cluster starts to flash. Please let me know if a group gets together about the TIPM.


I am wondering if others have had a similar problem with their vehicles? Hi, I am in northern California, and the same thing happened to me. For instance you are the 2nd email received on this subject in just 5 days. On top of that I was told that they would have to check all the wiring to ensure that all the corrosion was taken care of, which would probably cost a whole bunch of money seeing as there is a whole lot of wiring that would have to be checked.

You mankal run the wire in and out of the core support across the front to hide the wire and keep it away from moving owneers of the engine.

Couldn’t start the car or unlock the car then a few mins later it would all come back on again.

So after being stranded on the side of the highway ,anual times and having to replace the starter 3 times we finally found the problem to be the Integrated Power Module. I will start my research again to try to find some more fixes for the new issues and will post them here when I do find them. There should be a recall on this expensive issue.

dodge caliber Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

I tried reseting the computer no good. The engine is missing and when I come to a stop sign the engine stalls, and will not start. When I was at home my owndrs check lights and told me it still not working. So, we were stranded mznual an hour in the car waiting for a tow truck. It will happen again.

Electrician reseted TIPM manua everything started to work again of cource he don’t know what long it will work because it was just simple reset threw computer but I think this way is much better than to change whole TIPM with USD. Everything good till about and since then we have gone through 5 batteries and in our dash light went out and front left turn signal and back right turn signal.


Carefully pull it up until 200 can get at the connectors underneath it and disconnect those, then the connectors along the edge. One thousand dollars too fix a bulb problem!! Three weeks ago I saw that the right front light did not work, so I took my car to the dealer and still has warranty.

It turned out to be an issue with a fuse, which I had to remove and reinsert. The weirdest thing ever. My driver’s headlight went out and would only come on with I had the brights on.

Reduced half my bill so I can get my car out the shop. Could it be that something is seriously wrong with my car?

Dodge Caliber Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Got the solution in only Chris answered 6 years ago. All multimillionaire projects can be crashed if you go directly and with passion without any gray crowed thoughts Hey guys my name’s mat I drive a yellow caliber with the 2. Service peeps had another Caliber come in with the cwliber issue while mine was in.