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Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by View Notes – R Guide for Design & Construction of Concrete Parking Lots from CIVE at University of Louisiana, Lafayette. ACI R Guide for. The Gold Standard for Concrete. Parking Lot Design. • Goals: 1) Why use ACI ? 2) Basic elements of ACI R 3) To magnify need to use ACI over.

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Maximum distance between joints, ft. Need to get the project done quickly? Contact CCRM for guidance on decorative concrete options and specification assistance. Joint sealing is only necessary if the joints are wide. These individuals not only want, but demand added value to their investments. The use of distributed steel reinforcement will not add to the load-carrying capacity of the pavement and should not be used in anticipation of poor construction practices.

The pavement designer can use this nomograph and an iterative technique to come up with the pavement thickness based on the subbase strength and the anticipated loads. A concrete parking lot is really nothing more than an exterior slab on ground or slab on grade.

R Guide for Design & Construction of Concrete Parking Lots

Find Decorative Concrete Contractors. A truss screed is a good way to place parking lot pavements. When you leave the jobsite, make sure the owner understands what needs to happen to keep the parking lot in good condition. Concrete pavements are also a key element of the Cool Communities movement. Concrete parking areas offer superior performance when compared to pavement alternatives.


When thinking about the conditions a parking lot pavement needs to withstand, imagine a parking lot in Michigan in January, or other areas that are exposed to freezing and thawing, deicing chemicals, and heavy loads.

Parking Lots

Cracks typically occur during the first 24 to 48 hours when stresses created by the natural drying shrinkage exceed the tensile strength of concrete. Fast-track paving techniques even allow the pavement to open to traffic within 24 hours. Do not wait until the next day! Setting side forms and using hand screeds, truss screeds, or other vibrating screeds is another option, and probably the most 3330r-01.

Over its lifetime, the most expensive pavement is a typical asphalt pavement which is cheaper to build initially, but is under-designed in load-carrying capacity and ends up with high maintenance qci. With a parking lot, a good subbase, proper thickness, drainage, and traction are more important. Concrete that drains is an environmentally friendly paving alternative that allows storm water to drain through rather than run off.

When comparing asphalt to concrete paving on our current industrial park, we chose concrete. Why and when should I cure my concrete pavement?

To determine the proper time of saw cutting, operation should not cause surface 330r-011 or raveling along the edges of the joint. What are some of the environmental benefits of concrete?


Reflects three times better than darker alternatives, calling for less lighting Array of textures,shapes, patterns, and 330r–01 Not affected by petroleum products Competitive intial costs and virtually maintenance free Resists deformation of ruts and deep depressions. Inadequate compaction of backfill material around these structures can result in loss of support for the pavement.

Learn more about roller compacted concrete. When these factors are considered, concrete wins the race.

The International Concrete Abstracts Portal is an ACI led collaboration with leading technical organizations from within the international concrete industry and offers the most comprehensive collection of published concrete abstracts. Due to its light color, concrete stays cooler than other paving materials.

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Concrete parking lots are a potentially lucrative market for concrete contractors and make good economic sense for building owners. Here are a few of the best places:. Each of these tips can also improve the life, appearance, and durability of the concrete pavement. However, the real strength issue is the flexural strength rather than the compressive strength, since pavements need to resist bending and cracking more than crushing. Can I eliminate welded wire mesh for my concrete parking 330r-10