There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST:TSCS, the Starfleet Command series, which are both well. The original version of ACtA:SF was published in hardback print back in , as part of a joint venture agreed between Amarillo Design. ACTA Starfleet – Federation Nebula Class. Recently I purchased three Furuta Star Trek Nebula class ships off eBay. They are a decently.

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Release is expected in November of This product is being done as a joint venture with Mongoose Publishing Ltd.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet – version 1.2

Your chief engineer is handling that, leaving you to fight the battle. Nov 21, Location: The Orion Nebula can be seen in the middle of this image i. Revision C of the ACtA: These were bad ass lead-pewter miniatures that were crisp and beautiful.

You must qcta in or sign up to reply here. Between Star Fleet Battles and its subsequent offshoot, Federation Commander, there were several rule sets that could be played using the Star Trek series, the most prominent being Full Thrust which, when played with the unofficial Star Trek variant, is called Full Trek: But the map works fine without these for now and is ready to map out the ongoing campaign. Nigel Kneale – Quatermass http: There has been extensive playtesting of this version.

All of the ships have had their stats reviewed. Players alternate moving one ship at a time its full movement, then alternate firing the weapons of one ship at a time.

The “basic” part is due to this file, for now, being a PDF upload only.

ACTA: Star Fleet

If you were stationed starfleet Charlie Sector, you knew you had done something wrong, the slow road to promotion. You can also see the original government boundaries of the pre-Federation governments in blue outline on the hexes. The real difference is in the scale at which the game is usually played, though; where Star Fleet Battles is more playable in a one-on-one or two-on-two scale, the scale of Federation Commander is more squadron to fleet level, and it scales very well between those two.


The real draw for ST: It makes the recent Wizkids Star Trek Heroclix read: For anyone who may have tried the original version of the rulebook, one of the big changes this time around is how drones have been handled.

The game has been extensively re-worked in order to fix certain issues and starflret that had cropped up in the prior edition, as well as to better represent various concepts in play for other SFU games such as Star Fleet BattlesFederation Commanderand the Star Fleet adaptation to Starmada ‘s Admiralty and Nova editions.

Should be good to go in a couple of weeks if that suits you.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

And then things started to change, the listening post at Septimus Prime went silent, probably a glitch said the techs and a repair party was dispatched to investigate. SF, but the weapon arcs are enough to make position really matter as noted.

SF, as a product, is nothing more than a wonderful looking rulebook, but the game itself is much more when you look at the latest iteration of Starline miniatures, the series.

Very, very cool, in short. Every deadbeat, drunk, pill-head, cheat and skiver was sent here; the dumping ground for every malcontent in Starfleet. Plasmas have also been tweaked, but are still resolved in a single turn. You must be logged in to post a comment. Call to Arms Documents: NerrothNov 19, There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST: Jaen Born in Spain with a talent for dyslexia, I am gamer, player, graphic designer, photographer and psycotherapist.

But since your weapons can only fire once per round, generally, you really have to decide whether to use your phasers to shoot incoming torpedoes and drones or to let the shields soak up the damage and reserve your weapons for offensive volleys. As much as I once loved the game, it is simply too much of a simulation and not enough of a game when all subsystems become involved. I also got a couple of singles that looked pretty bad ass. There is no energy allocation; ships just move and fight.

In fact, the first hobby spaceship I ever owned was a Starline series, bought with my own money, in Philadelphia. It should kick off tomorrow 20 November at around All of my miniatures have spectacular detail, far greater than I had expected, but they were incredibly trying to assemble.


Further, they are coming out with these bad ass little reference cards which allow easy book-keeping via dry-erase. The miniatures are solid and great looking, and the ongoing support at conventions such as GenCon and smaller local cons really indicates to me that this game has legs and will be around a long, long time.

This system is miniatures based no hexes and is very streamlined. No, create an account now. From small skirmishes involving single ships or small squadrons to massive fleets between rival empires, ACTASF allows even the largest fleet battles to be fought in a single evening and the smaller skirmishes can be completed in about an hour. Cardassian territory is in yellow, Ferengi in pink, and the Kzinti in orange on the bottom left of this image.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Instead of worrying about power allocation, this is a game about white-hot particle beams searing through hulls and vaporizing crewmen.

Now for wrathNow for ruinand the Red Dawn: ACTA Starfleet – Federation Nebula Class

Digger I’m working on the ship stats and i’ve spoken to Mike about getting some miniatures sorted out. Log in or Sign up.

The game is broken down into phases where each player takes turns moving a single ship at a time until all ships are moved, then they do the same thing regarding shooting. The basic rules are very act to grasp, and when you add in the advanced rules such as damage control, special actions, and the like, the game is simply superb.

We found that one of the hardest things to really master is the judgement of when to attack and when to withhold for defensive fire. A Call to Arms: Also online magazine publisher and writer. While ACTASF is intended for use with tabletop miniatures, you could substitute counters for the ships if you want to starfldet the game a try.