Hothouse predicted global warming Armageddon back in the s. But don’t turn to this volume for its science, which is dodgy at best. Instead. Buy Hothouse (Penguin Modern Classics) Reprint by Brian Aldiss, Neil Gaiman ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Hothouse [Brian Wilson Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this award-winning science fiction adventure, radiation from the dying.

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A bit before half the book, the story started picking up, after the fungus came into action. However, his human characters and dialogue are dreadful! Few readers will find this resolution satisfying or convincing. It saw itself reproducing again and again, until fungus covered the whole Earth, filling hill and valley with its convolutions.

Hothouse (novel) – Wikipedia

These people are primitive. Aldiss was awarded an OBE in for his services to literature. Just the same as the created societies in good sf novels affect the characters and influence their stories.

Many of these works are formulaic, and as predictable as a Meryl Streep Oscar nomination, but the best of them—say Aldiws McEwan’s Solar or Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Wind-Up Girl —transcend genre labels and rank among the finer literary offerings of the current day. And boy does it get weird.

They’re created from a purely fantastic perspective, not an actual ‘scientific speculation’ attempt. I was surprised how much I liked this riot of imagination of post-humans clinging to survival in a world where plants have taken over.

When the media focuses on educated white women not having kids, everyone starts thinking that the darker people will take over the world or that there will be no white children. Our author has, instead, delivered a hot and humid fairy tale, one even grimmer than the Grimms’ grimmest.


Human beings are small and mentally they’ve returned to the early days of human civilization- organized in tribes ruled by matriarchs and being driven by their instincts. Looking back we also have the example of H G Wells view spoiler [ and it pleased me to note that the Bromley Labour Club is still named after him, alidss at least it was when I saw it in passing a few years ago, I imagine that in time Wells’ views on eugenics if not on the sanctity or not of marriage might need to a re-evaluation of the value of having his name popped up on the front of the building like a patron saint hide spoiler ] and his concern with the far future of humanity, and further back with Mary Shelley’s The Last Man.

Like HelliconiaHothouse is redolent with Gaian themes. View all 31 comments. But who is to know that far into the future Here I make plain my view that science fiction and fantasy writing is never about the fantastic nor the fictional possibilities of science but about contemporary concerns.

See dying vegetables life sustain, See life dissolving vegetable again; All forms that perish other forms supply. Human characters wooden Originally posted at Fantasy Literature Yeah, Hothouse was definitely written with some chemical assistance.

Aldiss usually hothoue a way of making his words dance across the page for me. Atwood won the Arthur C. Open Preview See a Problem?

Speculiction Review of “Hothouse” by Brian Aldiss

Aldiss is an engaging author even when he is an unconvincing scientist. Aldiss’ first novel, Non-Stopfeatured a number of uniquely creative if off-the-wall aliss, and Hothouse is even more off-the-wall craziness cut from the same cloth.


In Hothouse, it’s nature, not culture which dominates the last days of Man. I am not sure about the profundity that some other reviewers hotyouse in their reviews of this book if there is a subtext it is not obvious to me, but for sheer escapism, you can not beat this one.

The characters are not “deep” but they are believable, the weird plants tend to have oddly whimsical hotohuse in spite hohhouse their deadliness, and the whole thing is written in very nice literate English prose. For the plant world has evolved and gained sentienceit is the age of the vegetable, and humanity is in its twilight years. Adored for his innovative literary techniques, evocative plots and irresistible characters, he became a Grand Master of Science Fiction in However, misfortune can itself sow seeds of creativity.

Hothouse – Brian Aldiss

It’s aldisd a bit much, a jumble of crazed and hallucinogenic ideas that defy realistic science; really, it falls more under the dreaded science-fantasy label. And where did you find out about the Harrison and Christopher books to come?

Jul 14, Ivana Books Are Magic rated it really liked it. There’s one more thing. Always alert against the plants, who are more animal almost extinct herethan vegetable. Jun 05, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: And little things here and there that just needed to be tweaked.