Leave the search box empty to find all products, or enter a search term to find a specific product. Sort by. Product Name +/- · Category · Manufacturer name. correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency (Muljiani ). . Warman’s Detaxer acolyte Alex Muljiani had a comparatively short. Canada – The UnTaxman – Secrets of Detaxation A detaxing strategy based on Eldon Warman’s 15 year success story. Alex Muljiani takes it.

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I will openly carry a tape recorder during all proceedings. I have recently learned that I, a natural person of commoner status, am not a “person” included in the Income Tax Act of Canada who is subject to the income tax. Could you be so unpatriotic as to criticize the government for bringing in such a benevolent tax?

As you can see from the above example, and as you probably know from your own personal experience, CCRA has no use for you as a person. As we continue to be plagued by more and more corruption within the government of our beloved country, I ponder the bleak future that lies ahead and wonder how it happened?

You cannot afford to sit back and hope for the best. If you believe that your children deserve a better future than what you see coming down the road, your obligation is to educate yourself on how to protect your property so that you can educate them to do the same.

You are invited to download these forms and complete them and forward them to the “warned parties” who are currently illegally extracting income tax from your monthly pay cheque. Further be advised that, employers in Canada who have failed to immediately comply with such a withdrawal of permission to withhold “income tax” have been taken to Small Claims Court and have been ordered to reimburse their respective employees all tax that was withheld after being served such a “withdrawal of permission”.

I highly recommend that all visitors to The Cyberclass Network follow the link www. The law is very clear that the OCDSB cannot be held liable for any monies that I may or may not owe at the end of the year. I have the option to file a Statement of Claim naming the following persons: Time is running out folks! Folks, there are solutions to prevent the kind of situations like the one above. That assessment will be done when I do a “Voluntary Assessment” by completing an “Income Tax Return” sometime before April 30th of the year following the year in which revenue was generated.


Please be advised that I hereby withdraw my permission given OCDSB to withhold “income tax” from my monthly payroll for the purpose of remitting same to Revenue Canada Taxation.

In addition, none of them can afford to fight CCRA. After learning this new knowledge I encourage you to take action immediately to quit filing income tax returns and to quit paying income tax in Canada – permanently, effectively and lawfully. I believe this is because Canadians tend to be so nice that they are blinded to the idea that their government could actually contemplate such evil and actually pass it.

This “withdrawal of permission” is made after much research re: A copy of the Interest Act of Canada is attached hereto.

I further learned that I have been deceptively induced by Revenue Canada’s propaganda into making a supposed contract by filing an income tax return, thus changing my status to “taxpayer” which makes mupjiani subject to the income aldx by that supposed contract.

What forces came into play with such brilliant subtlety and sureness, like a thief in the night, and stole away our two most precious gifts? As an “income tax” withholding employer the OCDSB is an unpaid tax collector, held in slavery by definition – being mjljiani to perform a service without pay and under the threat of punishment.

I hereby revoke and void any such supposed or assumed contract, past, present and future; and, hereby declare my status as a natural person and a commoner. I will now prepare to use the government justice system to lay criminal charges; and.

Welcome to Conspriracy King Alex Muljiani

British Columbia passed a law in that gives police there the right to seize your car on the spot for any reason! Any employer is required to deduct according to the information provided by the employee on the TD-1 Form. I hereby demand the complete refund of any withholding tax and all income tax paid over to the Receiver General of Canada under my Social Insurance Number on the grounds that I was fraudulently deprived of that money, the fruits of my labour and skills – my private property.


Also, please be advised that the Labour Code of Canada forbids any kind of job action being taken against me for any reason without having relation to my ability or inability of carrying muljjani the duties and responsibilities of my job.

Alex Muljiani

One technique, of course, was that old standby of time. Most of these people were quite aware that whatever part they were playing would lead to the eventual creation of a police state in Canada.

Eldon Warman and Alex Muljiani are actively teaching “detax” and “untax” information to “re-educate” fellow Canadians on the “truth” about “income taxes” and the Income Tax Act.

The Caveat is the warning that I now have the right to use whatever force is necessary to defend myself and my property by using the Justice System to stop the unlawful activities which The Minister Of National Revenue and Revenue Canada Agents eg. Understand that the OCDSB is under obligation to honour my TD-1 Form marked “exempt” and that I am under no legal obligation to have money deducted off my pay cheque during the year since any income tax is due only on the 30 th day of April the following year.

I received an e-mail from an accountant today that shows perfectly the attitude that CCRA has towards all the taxpayers in Canada.