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Another program to do this kind of monitoring is Ttk, whichis more narrowly focused on the issue of looking for anomalous behavior in the ARP protocol. If the end user cannot be trusted or if the software on a desktop machine could be altered by the authorized end user because of the machines physical location, then the machine should not be a personal computer.

The introduction of switches and bridges into a network is traditionally motivated by factors other than security.

However, it is really just a substitute for a series of arp commands with the -s option. Of course, it will also send IP data to the machine even if the machine has been down for some time.

External protocols are typically only used on border routers that connect autonomous systems to each other. The most recent version is available via anonymous FTP to ftp. A variety of types of machines need to have this capability. Hardware Address SpoofingAt the hardware layer, any network interface for a shared-media network will have a hardwareinterface address. An easy way to be first or last is to have the only machine that replies to the IP Spoofing and Sniffing share a single set of Ethernet hubs, they broadcast all of their network traffic to every network interface in the entire building.

At the very least, such an inspection can probably be done manually on most hosts. The two management suites cannot trust each other. If you must use an insecure segment and still expect a higher degree of security, your only solution is software-based techniques rather than hardware-based techniques, such as encryp- tion technology.


Possibly thestudents realize that for this network drive only reasonable precautions will be taken tomaintain privacy by enforcement of password protections, file system access lists, and regularbackups.

Switches and bridges overcome the time delay problems that occur when wires are too long or when simple repeaters or hubs introduce additional time delay.

IP Spoofing and Sniffing network broadcasts or by actively probing for such a machine. If you do not, then something is wrong with the database or its searching mechanism.

If the Central Computing router controls the router in the communication closet and does not trust the Computer Science router, they cannot exchange routing information.

In such cases, the hardware barriers described in this section will limit what an intruder, physically present or gk, can do with a sniffer. The switch mediates all interaction between computers, isolating the flow of data awayfrom the physical location of the end users see fig. Machines on different subnets are always part of different segments. Public key cryptogra-phy is sometimes called asymmetric because different keys are used for encryption anddecryption with no practical way to compute one key from the other key.

All machines are under the The attacker does not need to have direct access to the power switch on the machine.

Hacking firewalls and networks – – [PDF Document]

This apprehension may be partly because ofthe carelessness most retailers display when tearing up or returning carbons of credit cardreceipts. Allfrrebooks, much larger potential losses exist for businesses that conduct electronic fundstransfer or tl document interchange over a computer network. A PC with two software configurableinterfaces can be configured to be used as a bridge.


Such a masquerade would allow such a machine tointercept virtually all traffic leaving the local network just like the attack described in the nextparagraph. When run by an ordinary, unprivileged user, it does not put the network interface into promiscuous mode.

IP Spoofing and SniffingUnderstanding Routing Protocols An alternative to relying on ICMP redirect messages is to use a routing protocol to give machines a better idea of which routers to use for which destination networks. If so, another machine on the network is claiming to have allfrebooks same IP address. Sniffing Case Study Revisited To illustrate ARP spoofing in a familiar context, recall the solution to the sniffing problem adopted by Computer Science in the case study earlier in the chapter see fig.

Problems arise, however, with respect to routing protocols. Gaining Access and Securing the Gateway security training is likely to be broken into by an attacker and used as a base of operations to attack other machines, including sniffing attacks.

There is a networking suite for Windows NT that provides an rlogin server, enabling you to have access to the command line from a remote location without being logged into it locally.

Z when the destination network is A. Actively querying ARP with ones own IP address will catch inadvertent IP address misconfigurations as well as an attacker who is simply using an ordinary operating system with a deliberately misassigned IP address.

The drawbridge software mentioned in the previous section onhardware barriers to prevent sniffing is compatible with most Ethernet boards which meansmost Ethernet boards will permit source address allfreeboiks.