Allworx 6x Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Allworx 6x User Manual, Installation Manual, Release Note, Brochure. Allworx Corp, a Windstream company. User’s Guide – Release The Allworx 6x and 6×12 servers only allow one (1) conference to be active at a. Allworx System Administrator Guide Version ALLWORX * Page iii Revised: 09/17/ Contents.

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If checking this box, the system sends a SIP redirect message. Select the new template from the drop-down menu. The handset Call Appearances with those options automatically becomes members of the corresponding new group. Rename the template in the Name section of the page, and update the template options, as appropriate.

For user-specific accounts to be functional, configure a global SMTP email account. Use different usernames for each user account. The Dial Method controls whether or not the area code is to be included when the placing the call. Click the View link on the new template. Select or deselect the user check boxes to add or remove the user from the Handset Preference Group.

Not all user settings are included in the templates. If a remote port expander is behind such a firewall, then this setting prevents the timeout. Accessing My Allworx Manager Add the Identification information into the fields.

Allworx 6x Phone Server up to 60 Users Upgrades Available | eBay

Click the Set Time button to save changes. As selections are made, the lists for other dial patterns are automatically adjusted to include only valid remaining digits. Choose the desired software version.


Clicking the link will allworc the settings of the group. You want to set this selection to be the opposite direction that the service provider uses for incoming calls.

Allworx 6x Manuals

Press the down arrow key to highlight Preferences. The Allworx Call Assistant is a PC-based answering system, which brings the power of enterprise attendant lalworx directly to small business. No NAT or firewall functionality is enabled.

Users perform these management tasks using the existing Allworx administration pages with access to the areas in which they have permission using their username and password. To set the time: Reboot the phones in the Handset Preference Group. To modify the user’s template: The Primary key designates the Controller site for the network. The configuration must match the provisioning defined by the Central Office.

The phone displays in the Analog Handsets section of the page. To set up VLANs on the phone: It maintains an active list of Enterprise extensions and their mappings to extensions at each site.

The Hot Desk PFK and all other PFKs remain as originally configured for the phone Line Appearance Monitors the status of an outside line, answers incoming calls on that line, and selects the line for outbound calls.

Check the boxes for the handsets to be re-assigned. The settings page for the handset and user displays. Installing multiple keys for the same or different manusl count adds licenses to the server.


Go to the appropriate section and click the link. Configure each of the incoming lines that will use DID blocks. There are no further options to choose. Adding a second Call Appearance creates another address that can be used in call routes.

Allworx 6x Phone Server up to 60 Users Upgrades Available

As examples, if the Blocked Numbers list contains “1” as an entry and the Exceptions to Blocked Numbers list contains “”, then users can dial toll-free numbers but no other long distance number.

Locate the Feature Eligibility section of the Welcome page. No user expansion is possible on 6×12 servers. Go to the Handset Preference Group section, and select the new template from the list. To set up Enterprise Dialing: Settings for existing handsets are NOT changed in this process. For primary CO line connectivity, the FXO Ground-Start slot choice is typically preferred to minimize the possibility for glare conditions, especially when call volume is high.

Click the Add button to save the changes. The servers differ in features and capabilities.

The Time page displays. Click the Modify link in the template. Add Allworx Tsp Driver Update the user sections as appropriate. Use the default value of unless the port expander is behind a 3rd-party firewall and the network requires a different value.