In Powershift, Alvin Toffler brings to a climax the ideas set forth in his previous works to offer a stunning vision of the future that will change your life. In Powershift. Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock and The Third Wave are among the most influential books of our time. Now, in Powershift, he brings to a climax the. EXECUTIVE BOOK REPORT. 2nd Lt Michael J. Castagna, USMC. Alvin Toffler. PowerShift: Knowledge. Wealth, and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century.

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Older forms of power are now dependent on knowledge weapons developed using sophisticated technologies based on exponentially accelerating technological advances ; wealth turning into electronic blips that circulate the globe at the speed of light and vanish in an economic meltdown. My opinion and ‘rating’ of this will undoubtedly evolve, like the future, but here nearing a decade in this new century, this This has been the Toffler book for me that has been the most prescient toffle the early 21st Century.

This is one paradox of the powershift that with the advances in technology, powwrshift of society and emergence of a new economic system, the shift of power in the global level has not gone away from the USA.

Powershift: Knowledge, Wealth, and Power at the Edge of the 21st Century by Alvin Toffler

Apr 07, TK Keanini rated it it was amazing Shelves: Paperbackpages. Information is the most fluid resources, and fluidity is the hallmark of an economy in which the production and distribution of food, energy, goods, and services increasingly depend on symbolic exchange. Toffler emphasizes that any of the elements of power can be transformed from one to another such that the individual has the Trinity no matter where they started from.


This article does not cite any sources. Second, speed, or hyper speed, is desirable in the new system of wealth creation. Want to Read saving…. Knowledge — in principle inexhaustible — is the ultimate poweeshift Knowledge is a substitute for both resources and shipping.

Although different religions still have stronghold on many of their subjects, there is now a rapid decline in the number of followers especially in Christian nations where people are freer. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

There is now a plethora of knowledge available to us. In brief, the rise of electronic money in the world economy threatens to shake up many long-entrenched power relationships.

Any data, information, or knowledge that is communicated requires 1 a source or sender; 2 a set of channels or media through which the message flows; 3 a receiver; and of course 4 a message.

Some of his predictions are yet to come e. Published November 1st by Bantam first published Many changes have done since the publication of the book. And I believe wholeheartedly that the past repeats itself. Lastly, the reader recommends that the book must be updated. Knowledge or lack of it holds power and determines worth in the world. The hardcover first edition was published October 1, A firm neatly cut into department according to function, market, region, or products is after all a collection of cubbyholes in which specialized information and personal experience are stored.


Read based on recommendations from KM community.

However the book is still devoid of perfection and needs further improvements. These are interactivity, mobility, convertibility, connectivity, ubiquity, and globalization. Part one is the new meaning of power.

Powershift: Knowledge, Wealth, and Power at the Edge of the 21st Century

In both cases predictive analysis cannot be employed. Those who understand this powershift will be in a position to help guide the future amazing technological unfolding and merger of man and machine.

The combination of knowledgewealth and force is described by Toffler as providing individuals or other entities power. Not a single coin or piece of paper money algin exchanged. However, paper money dominated the industrial society — the civilization of the Second Wave.

Knowledge is the most versatile source of power. Wealth can be used to obtain knowledge, like bribing or buying a book.

Violence is low-quality power.