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After Antigon’s and Ismene’s quarrel, we find ourselves as spectators vepez the midst of a secular Vodou scene: Neither was Vodou an official religion, though its practice was pervasive across social classes and geographic areas, and for the most part interchange- able with Catholicism, the official religion. Creon believes he has received divine help to kill Antigonz soul, and, protesting Tiresias’s interpretation, he asks Tiresias to call Danbala, the serpent spirit of life, water, and fertility ,37 in order to prove that the gods are with him.

For Ure’s production, see Werth Antigona’s pyramidal cage, which in Yusem’s produc- tion she never left, is the frame that shapes a type of politics.

Antígona Vélez: tragedia lírica en tres actos y cuatro cuadros – Juan Carlos Zorzi – Google Books

It is a very serious affair that the gods are on the side of the chief. Coming out of the canari, and addressing the Marraine as ‘mambo’, Legba’s voice announces the story that we are familiar with from ancient times, but Legba confesses he cannot be of help and says goodbye.

Decades later the campaigns would be summarized in one slogan: T must wntigona dreaming And, indeed, the Mothers made the military dream come true: Significantly, years later, Moriso recalled that ‘people said that Duvalier did what Creon did’. Their voices are heard from offstage, and they say that they are crossing to a velsz where they cannot die.

Antígona González

It can refer toor to or Even if I am born a thousand times, and he dies a thousand times’ p. Antigon an Kreydl – Premiere. Moriso’s Antigon no doubt forms part of the Haitian movement towards a theatre history that could ‘secularize’ Vodou. Marechal transforms Antigona into a mother-to-be.


Gambaro’s Antigona not only dramatizes the ‘dirty war’. The spirits of the dead protect the cemeteries; they are led by the father of the family, the Baron Samedi,35 and his wife Granne Brigitte.

It happened in Greece but it is so universal that it could happen today in a rural area in Haiti that is also called Thebes, at the house of a chief of a rural area that believes himself to be the state Ezili appears to be the guardian of Creon’s house: Caught inhe was tied to the stake, and then escaped, only to be caught again and burnt alive.

The pest is a flood that ‘vomits the dead’ on the shore when the ‘sudestada’ southern winds blows p. In Miami and Haiti: Argentines refer to the Mothers as Antigones’ not without reason. At the Theatre d’Haiti, Moriso envisioned ‘a dramaturgy where the griots and the traditions of commedia dell’Arte shook hands’. Corifeo repeats words and refers to circles: A sound of battles signals the second moment where Antigona re-enacts the fratricidal struggle, as if it were happening on her flesh, in the present.

The burial scene that Filo reports is magical and indicates that Antigon is protected by the spirits: The play is structured around a confusion of times: Skip to main content. Vodou was for Fouche, as it was for Moriso, a ‘theatre-history’ that, because it was inscribed, like all ancestral religions, in the social praxis of its people, could turn forms of oppression into a struggle for liberation p.

Antigon’s initial ‘No’ here acquires its full significance: Moriso thus spoke of a traumatic shock he suffered in If to be good mothers meant to look after their children and ‘know where they were,’ in an ironic ‘obedience’ to military ideology, the Mothers went out to knock on the doors of every military headquarters to find those who had ‘disappeared’.

I see these moments as the ‘present’ on stage, and as referring to the present off stage, in contradistinc- tion to the shifting times of the dialogue that allude to the repetition of the past. He is not exportable It is not only the stage, the music, songs, chorus, dance, costumes, and audience that create a ‘theatrical set’ in a Vodou ceremony: They belong neither to the Rada nor to the Petwo pantheons, and are often ‘chained’ in ceremonies to keep them under control.


The problem surrounding the internal divisions during and after revolution has occupied Haitian scholars since the time of independ- ence. The solution is to bury the body ‘even if [she is] born a thousand times and he dies a thousand times,’ to which Corifeo shouts, ‘Then you will die a thousand times’ p.

The urgency of the problem leads the Marraine to skip the songs or incanta- tions that usually open Vodou ceremonies: Nationalism, Rosas, and Peron were seen as part of the same history of national unification.

Danbala’s Atnigona gained a reputation for having medicinal and magical powers, and it is said he might have already been a Vodou initiate when he was initially captured in West Africa. She rejects the water she has been given in anigona cave. Later the ‘Embalmed Pilgrim’ shows the flip side of motherhood; legal victories were not enough p. The cage is inside a modern Buenos Aires cafe, where two modern portehos dwellers of Buenos Aires cityCorifeo and Antinoo, sit at a table having a coffee, poking fun at Antigona, confusing her with Shakespeare’s Ophelia.

More attentive to the biblical imagery that permeates the play and to cosmic mythical allegories of creation, critics comment on Marechal’s choice of the name of Facundo only as Marechal’s invocation atigona Sarmiento and the fearless caudillo. In a clear allusion to the Mothers, she ‘marches’ among the dead ‘in a strange gait in which she falls 82 Moira Fradinger and stands up, she falls and stands up’ p.