, Platform: Web Forms, Product: ASPxHtmlEditor, Type: Question, Subject: How to save (export) ASPxHtmlEditor. ASPxHtmlEditor Members · ASPxHtmlEditor Constructor Export( HtmlEditorExportFormat, Stream) Method Export(HtmlEditorExportFormat, String) Method. Hi Support, We are exporting PDF using ASPxHtmlEditor. Problem: We want to setup the printed page settings and want to control the page.

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In this instance, what should I check for to disable the consecutive prompt? What’s the meaning of: To specify the appearance and format of data point labels, adjust settings of the PointOption s object.

How to automatically create mail-merge documents using the Snap Document Server. Our goal is to filter out a collection of employees by their type in code. I have in my aspxhtm,editor a BindingSource that is setted as the DataSource for the report, and i have a custom method that provides data to the DataSource of the report, so i dont need any DataAdapter it is set to null. These classes are defined in the DatabaseUserSettings module.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

Scenario We have a Department object that has a collection of Employees. To calculate a route between waypoints, call the BingRouteDataProvider.

Just trying to make sure I have this process down correctly. Are you the publisher? We have added the Obsolete prefix to emphasize this statement.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

CalculateRoute method and pass the list of waypoints as its argument. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This solution includes ready-to-use project templates for the Implementing a web charting module with the XtraCharts Suite KB article. Please review my answer in the How to resize a chart according to the container actual aspxhhmleditor using MVC ticket and feel free to update the ticket if further assistance is necessary.


How to handle the case when a new softare version with another Model. Dennis, Thanks a lot for this. Each point of a pie series should contain an argument and value, and their data type is automatically determined by aspxhtkleditor chart.

As a exporr solution, add the ‘Update’ button to the tab page and use it to send a callback and resize the aspxhtmledtior only when it is necessary. Email Required, but never shown. There are many devexpress short examples within the documentation pages without any comment on their meaning.

This feed contains last modified examples from DevExpress Support Center. This example demonstrates how to manually add a series to the chart’s diagram, and then bind this series to the datasource. So the more text I type the bigger the control should get.

Create a Mobile App in Visual Studio. EntityType and exact coordinates LocationInformation. How to manage user settings reset, merge, import, export, etc. This example solution fxport not yet tested in the middle-tier and SecuredObjectSpaceProvider aspxhmtleditor and most likely, it will have to be modified to support its specifics.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. MeasureText msgBody, font ; txtMessageBody. Let’s say you want to make a global change to a view as Configurator. The following example demonstrates how to apply filtering for dashboard items that act as a master filter in OLAP mode.

I have modified this to do the same but in my implementation, the user was being prompted twice. Is there a ay to do this?

c# – ASPxHtmlEditor resize with text inside – Stack Overflow

How to use the dxChart in an ASP. Please note that this example can’t run on the Web because it requires file creation during its running, but the file creation is prevented on our example server. In this example, the SetMasterFilter method is used to select the required cards in the Card’s dashboard item.


Not the most elegant way but defiently gave me the results I expected and needed:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Vitaly Alekseev Sibintek at: Also, what’s the process here? Also, this has been an issue since the first iterations of this.

Then, these images are rendered in the esport to display PDF document pages. RoutePath property; – Customize the stroke and stroke width of the map polyline using the MapItem. Is aslxhtmleditor fixed in the Use the Visual Studio search facilities to locate them Results contain an address LocationInformation. Hi Guys, the Issue Q mentioned above as one to be aspxhtmeditor of is marked as private so this is quite tricky!

This example is the second part of the SpreadsheetControl API set of examples that demonstrates how to use the SpreadsheetControl API to programmatically manage spreadsheet documents, without the need for Microsoft Excel to be installed.

This I have noticed is an issue with a lot of functions in XAF but is usually solvable easily. To access the route points collection, use the BingRouteResult. To customize the route path appearance, do the following: