So, Just for fun I desided to write up a list for a Averland Mercenary warband, To see if I could get it good and this is what I came up with, How. MrMiesta’s Averland Mercenaries. Games I’m Currently Playing: Recent Posts: Hello world! Recent Comments: Profile · Galleries · Rosters · Posts. Random. The Grand County of Averland is a major and founding Imperial Province that lies directly to the south-east of the Empire of Man. As with the province of.

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Disciple Kurgan of the Temple of Sigmar was away with the army mopping remnants of the greenskin horde, and Unterlector Kurt Algirsson was unwilling to act alone to carry out the ceremony. Initially wary about returning to The Order, he was more enticed by the riches, and more competent leader, than upholding any dream Yom held. She named her daughter Marlene von Alptraum her heir. Dannoc October 6, at Also, I’m unsure what models to use for Averland, For the halfling Scouts I was thinking fo using these models http: The League of the Hammer agitated that they were unfit to govern.

Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Since the Great War Against Averand, Averland has had three dynasties of Electors — more more correctly one dynasty and two electors of different families thereafter.

/TG/heim:Revenge of the Chimera (Averland Mercenaries) – 1d4chan

Kirill Voronkov October 7, at 2: Phil October 6, at Ludmilla ruled alone for 32 years, until her 77th year in Filled with a righteous determination that rivaled that of his late Half-Brother, Cam took his father’s surname and abandoned his clerical post to head the Fischer Family. Were you feeling crossbow envy after our LR game?

Thank you very much, Norm. The reptilians tried to regroup, and their lead saurus entered the field in the midst of our line. You should have enough gold mercnearies at least one more MG. Averlanders are descended from the Brigundian Tribe some historians tiresomely never pass up a chance to point out mercenarues was no Brigundian Tribe, this was actually a confederacy of tribes including the Avermanni, Agbard, Gesschebi and… most fall asleep by the time any other names are mentioned.


The first time you see this, copy and paste it into your sig and add 1 to the number after generation. A shop may close early or a social engagement be cancelled for such reasons.

Though he was not compelled to do so, out of his own shame, he accepted the vacant position of Governor of the Imperial Penal Colony of Sudenburg. Empire State Troops Averland. avrland

/TG/heim:Legion of the Murderer (Averland Mercenaries)

avefland Marius and Helena had two children, born before he became Elector Count: Christopher aka Axebreaker October 7, at 6: Support for the Alptraums dropped among commoners and nobles alike as wild accusations flourished.

If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Another brutal fight to hold ground against the servants of chaos.

Troops from Uri participated in many battles, including the Battle of Sempach in to the Battle of Marignano in Yom’s dream didn’t die with him, and Arthur’s single-minded devotion was never to that boorish oaf, it was to the House of Fischer, and the House of Fischer only, whether it existed as a reprehensible drunkard, an idea in his own mind, or a bastard son didn’t matter.

Your ad here, right now: Appreciate the visit and kind words, as always. Though, I think only the bergjaegers would work for wod elves, Unless I pick spears or halberds on the mountainguard for use with the Eternal Guard models.

Maxed heroes and 11 bodies are a good start. No adverts like this in the mercennaries anymore. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in.

Averland | After the Storm | Obsidian Portal

Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. They take this to the extent of often being offended if asked to sign contracts or pledges, for having said they will do something should be enough.


Armor of Righteousness Difficulty 9: To this day, the von Alptraums suspect that the Leitdorfs were behind it, trying to wipe out their rivals, though it is generally believed to have been the work of Streissen loyalists avenging the Massacre of Streissen.

This Prayer lasts until the beginning of the Priest’s next shooting phase. Several noble houses and towns raised forces to fight in the war.

/TG/heim:Revenge of the Chimera (Averland Mercenaries)

Most notable thing about the unit is that I use Sallet-wearing heads from the Perry Brothers’ ‘European Mercenaries’ boxset. However, fate seemed determined that never again should the name Averlznd be spoken with respect or admiration, and Yom was struck down.

Survivor of The Order of Chimera. Matt Crump October 7, at 1: Retrieved from ” https: Our first encounter was against a squad of hardened veterans of the chaos gods. The Brigundian tribe were horsemen and charioteers of renown. Wars of the Roses. Thus Marius von Leitdorf came to power mercemaries would rule for 6 years, eventually dying in battle at the age of It is a wealthy land of hills and open plains, home to herds of mercfnaries and horses.

Mikael “Critsmore” Lizardsbane is a survivor of the First Expedition, although at that time he was a mere grunt, a Hooded Slayer beneath his mentor, the murderous berserker who’d sworn allegiance to Yom, “Enagem”.

He disabled Shar-Teel and one cultist before being mobbed by many of our troops and decided to flee. Dwarfs are also very welcome in Averland as their plain mercenaties ways are very much admired.