The Balanced Embouchure, by Jeff Smiley: a dynamic development system that’s easy to learn and works for every trumpet player. Order online!. The Balanced Embouchure Website – The Balanced Embouchure (BE) is a set of embouchure development exercises and practice. Over the summer an interview was posted with hornist Andrew Joy on . Joy mentioned The Balanced Embouchure as a factor in his.

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Early on, I had little training, and developed the worst possible habits. You did something that is unthinkable to most established brass players — you completely changed your embouchure.

Having your tongue forward enough in your mouth for it to touch the lips means that the back of the tongue is pulled out of your throat. It might help some but others will find it embluchure. This is a universal principle, fundamental to making the instrument work properly. Does it benefit you or anybody else? There are no magic exercises that can fix a broken embouchure because different embouchures require different corrective procedures.

Thirdlyit actually works!

Any galanced you can post the page number or a quote? I would tend to agree. But he did make factual statements about embouchure form and function and the bulk of what he wrote is either misleading or wrong. Personally, I believe there are other things trumpet players can practice that achieve the same things without the risks of playing on two embouchure types. By 12th grade, the target is high G above balabced C.

The exercises Smiley gives in his book are mostly variations of typical brass technique exercises, including lip slurs and tonguing exercises.

Do you use The Balanced Embouchure? – James Boldin’s Horn World

Years with trumpet taught me this: But which ones are most important for the developing player? My sense of it all is that it can be very helpful for people looking to take a new direction due to the standard approaches not helping whatever issues they might be wanting to work through and who are willing to rebuild from the ground up. But he WILL force you out of old, locked-in ways of thinking. I simply wanted to put out my honest criticisms in the hope that someday Smiley or someone else can address them.


Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Print. In closing, I think there is plenty of room in our field for myriad approaches, for Farkas and Smiley, if you will.

Then I went to Gordon for about 4 years. Seems like a good way to get statical data over a large group.

Tongue On Lips (The Balanced Embouchure Way)

It wasn’t paralysis from overanalysis. Another reason for the CD is to show how easily the exercises can be learned.

You are also welcome to share this post as you see fit. All of them play unconsciously, often from an early age, and do not understand the stages of development a typical player must emboucgure through to make progress.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, bxlanced here: The idea here being to take the effort away from the mouth corners in a specific way to help the player find the best support structure of the teeth and gums under the mouthpiece rim and lips.

His descriptions of brass embouchure mechanics are not very accurate and leave much out that I consider important. Whether or not this method is of value is only for you to try and decide. Can you play Classical and Orchestral trumpet using BE? Fill in your ejbouchure below or click an icon to log in: Anyway, my first reaction was, can it really be this simple?


Do you use The Balanced Embouchure?

I do have an academic interest in brass as I am a scientist myself and can appreciate a good research. He is clearlynot qualified to recommend health advice. Embouchuee, I find that one of the most serious shortcomings of his book is the lack of accurate descriptions of how brass embouchures actually function.

For example, there would be no way emnouchure grasp the quality that we embouchuer “light” if darkness wasn’t around to give us a point of reference. These targets, which are relatively simple to hit, help the lips to “wake up” from locked-in inefficient settings, eventually training the muscles to take on more complex characteristics. It took Jeff Smiley 30 years to decipher the clues and discover an easier way to play trumpet, a dynamic step-by-step method that works for everyone.

I was your basic 5 hours a day, days per year type of player, with an ability to focus on one thing for a long period of time. The real answer is, they are all complementary to one another.

The Balanced Embouchure – Frequently Asked Questions

Again, I think this works better for almost all players in the long term. It seem to me that getting the education right in the first place is the better way to go. Started playing in 4th grade. Many entire chapters are printed there ejbouchure evaluation.