Passion Play by Beth Bernobich. Jul. 24th, at PM. quippe. The Blurb On The Back: Ilse Zhalina is the daughter of one of Melnek’s more prominent. Passion Play (River of Souls, book 1) by Beth Bernobich – book cover, description , publication history. When I first read the blurb for Passion Play, Beth Bernobich’s debut novel released last Tuesday, I was intrigued. I’d read some glowing praise.

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Then again, it could be because Ilse is such a wooden plank of a character, and Raul’s falling in love with her seems more like a plot fixture than an organic bdth in the story. Only Jay Lake, who wrote that it is “brutal,” clearly read past the first chapter. This is a First Reads review. However, this one left me with a bad feeling that I don’t want to repeat in another book.

But through the magic of suspended disbelief, we readily accept the validity of a novel’s fictional world, and v This is a First Reads review. And now I am having the same argument on paper that I have in my own head on too many nights.

Beth Bernbich It depends. Passion Play is a fantasy story in a Renaissance Europe-like setting, and for the most part, there is a somewhat interesting story here, even if it’s one that doesn’t lpay new grounds. The setting of “Passion Play” was enough to get me to pick up Beth Bernobitch’s debut novel — a sort of medievalish Renaissanceish Italy-Spainy kind of world. Many would consider hers a happy lot.

Curse him for having hair as fair as ply sun, and eyes as black as night.

Beth Bernobich (Author of Passion Play)

River of Souls River of Souls, 0. Nov 21, Penny rated it did not like it Shelves: Therez, or better known as Ilse which I’m guessing is pronounced similar to e-leaseis the sort of main character that does what she has to in order to survive her situation. Ilse discovers a world where every pleasure has a price and there are levels of magic and intrigue she once thought unimaginable. Rebekah’s Books 18 79 Mar 27, It all felt so distant and removed from Ilse’s life.


Unfortunately, after setting up a major political crisis, the book suffers from pacing issues in the last third. He is everything Ilse wanted to run away from. And after this somewhat disjointed transition the second half of the story takes over; one of intrigue and the aforementioned power struggle of a kingdom. I liked the main character, she is a very strong person and not in a She-Ra warrior woman way.

I really enjoyed this novel, with a few quibbles.

Why would someone choose that as a title without consideration of passiob meaning and origin of the phrase? That being said it is befnobich bad and I will probably read the next in the series. The other piece of advice that st I watched some tips from netgalley on how to make a better and more interesting review.

It’s basically “Taken” set in ye olde fantasy worlde and told entirely from the perspective of the one girl who died instead of Liam Neeson’s daughter who lived. I adored Raul and while his situation calls for pity at times he is a worthy counterpart to Ilse.

What’s unfortunate is that it is totally unnecessary to the plot. This choice will change her life forever.

Passion Play by Beth Bernobich – I Read, Therefore I Blog

This was exactly the book I was in the mood for. If all this sounds a bit nebulous and generic, the specifics of the setting are crisp, vibrant, and fractally detailed, though the overall shape of both the world and plot follow well established paths.

An admirable heroine Passion Play starts off strong. Also I expected passion from her based on the title, but I was left cold from her actions and thoughts. Neither will she let it define her through, a fine balance that I feel is pulled off with brutal honestly and emotion.

It’s totally unfair to cloak a political book with a very weak fantasy storyline.


Passion Play

There were implications that he made his former betrothed disappear in an unsavory manner. It takes pages and lots of therapy for her to recover from what happened to her.

Where I got my reading copy: When you pick up a book named Passion Play and read the description they give, you get the picture that this is going to be one of those novels with a lot of elicit scenes and romances with some sort of noble and sexy scoundrel. Which gets to the heart of this book’s strengths. A couple of reviews mentioned Ilse’s bisexual love triangle. Want to Read saving‚Ķ. Eventually, Ilse escapes once more and finds herself at the mercy of Kosenmark, a puppet master of a notorious pleasure pllay.

Fantasy Review Barn It is a rare thing for me to finish a novel and not have a good idea of what I think. However, there was a measure of completion to one journey for the main character. See all 7 answers from Beth Bernobich…. The real magic in the tale is in the layer upon layer of intrigue and detail, it slowly unfolds before a brrnobich, drawing them deeper and deeper within the realm of the story.

I continued for another six pages and it only got worse, so that is as far as this review goes.

She’s strong — and all that she endures throughout her journey shows it. Each time I thought of quitting, another tiny little spark of a promise of something interesting happening would convince me to go on. I really love this concept and hope to see it explored further in the next pqssion. Together they will embark on a journey that will reshape their world.