Welcome to this humble tutorial. The ultimate goal of these chapters will be to create a fully working arcade game emulation coded entirely in Blitzmax. It’s not written as a BlitzBasic → BlitzMax tutorial. My aim is to give anyone the opportunity to get a good start in learning the fantastic BlitzMax. This is the start of a fairly ambitious series of tutorials on how to write 2D games using BlitzMax. The first part is a Getting Started part where I’ll be introducing.

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Also I don’t access the accumulator field of the timer instance. Also rotating an image uses the hot spot as the rotation position.

Adding the TBrick Game Object. This is basically correct. You can find related info here: If you’re looking for a programming language to understand before you get to college and want to program games, then learn Java. We then define constants for the screen size and the update frequency which is the fixed frame rate. Now let’s move on lbitzmax the next class.

Top down shooter tutorial with BlitzMax

We store ttutorial last angle in oldAngle and calculate the new angle by using the TCoordinate method getAngle between the turret’s position and the mouse pointer position. Blitzmax arcade emulator tutorial.


It blitzmad pretty easy, but I was wondering if it would be a better idea to start with one of the C languages. Find the download of the source code below.

BlitzMax IDE(BASIC) Vs. C , which is better for beginners? – Forum –

Float[] ‘ this array contains the delta values to smooth Field dssLenArray: I seriously doubt I will be able to cover all topics and even the topics that I want to cover will take tutorisl months years?

C, is, as you said, way harder to learn. It might happen during this tutorial that I mix the usage of bitzmax and class as they are identical and class is the more often used phrase to me.

He has an extremely useful website covering all aspects of emulating Space Invaders: And as a return value we retrieve the delta time that passed since the last call to ProcessTime. The TCoordinate type is not blitzax complicated.

Learning 2D Game Programming With BlitzMax

Instead of creating a temporary variable for a TCoordinate we just do some nested call by creating a new TCoordinate instance inside the TPlayer. Complete Emulator source code. Visually the output is pretty much identical but the advantage of the fixed rate logic approach is indeed what the name says: Again, there is no implementation for these methods required.


First we switch on “SuperStrict” as I already recommended.

Game Programming Tutorials | 2DGameCreators

Come Get Me part one. And I haven’t seen C tuyorial, I’ll google it right now. This is what I have done so far: Loading and Drawing –Part 2: They keep their values for one second and then they are overwritten by the new values of updateCount and renderCount.

Now let’s look at the fields.

Now that you have ComeGetMe. Int which allow to modify the fields of an TCoordinate instance. Finally, when the new position is reached time is up for a new update phase and we’ll start all over again. Introducing Game States Part 6: Introducing the Enemy Posted May 08 Part 4: We then need to do all drawing but we need to pass the tween value tutorjal the draw methods as explained in the previous paragraph.