By: Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes | December 12, El texto sintetiza el alcance del bloque de constitucionalidad en Colombia, como figura que permite la. César rodríguez garavito, La gLobaLizaCión deL estado de dereCHo (). rodrigo uPrimny yePes, bLoque de ConstituCionaLidad, dereCHos Humanos y. Conforme a esta acepción, el bloque de constitucionalidad estaría conformado no sólo por el articulado de la Cf. Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes, a. TC.

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Uprimny Yepes, Rodrigo, Bloque de Constitucio- nalidad The discourse of human rights and victims’ rights to truth, justice, and reparation has been appropriated by national and local actors within struggles on social justice in order to name, blame, and claim 72 constitucionaldad grievances as human rights violations.

Block of constitutionality, human rights and the new penal procedure | Dejusticia

Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Nov 11, These practices of resistance may remake relations of power through transformation of the systems of meaning and beliefs originally imposed by the dominant class. Finally, the use of an international human rights discourse in the Las Pavas case has changed the dialogue with rodrigi state, since human rights treaties are considered part of the Constitution —block of constitutionality— in the Colombian context.

However, this approach may have unprotecting and disempowering potential in the Colombian context. Furthermore, claims in terms of human rights have shifted the audience from the local to the national and international levels through the creation of alliances with social organizations and NGOs from regional, national, and transnational levels.

The protection of the Las Pavas community’s rights in this new criminal investigation will depend on the willingness of the prosecutor to represent victims’ interests and ensure their rights.

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En busca de los derechos: La inconstitucionalidad de algunas restricciones hprimny derecho a Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Feb 1, Por Rodrigo Constithcionalidad Yepes Ago 25, Bloque de Constitucionalidad en Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Mar 24, This participation of international allies has transformed the asymmetric situation between unprivileged victims and powerful counterparties within litigation.


This is why the language of the law is reducible neither to a brute weapon of control nor simply to an instrument of resistance.

According to this logic, law may actually protect the interests of the subordinate class for two reasons. I’ll be really very grateful. Bloque de Constitucionalidad en el Sistema de Respopnsabilidad And yet the appeal to rights was a means that, over the long run, came to be used by black South Africans in self-protection.

This has generated the dispossession of 6, hectares by force or violence, which is about They also asked various bloqus representatives to adopt measures aimed at protecting and assisting the community of Las Pavas. In contrast, the CPC established that victims’ lawyers could submit formal requests in relation to evidence.

In addition, the law has the power to orchestrate, mediate, and contain political struggles. Some scholars have criticized the disputing process paradigm because its micro-level approach is considered ineffective in the study of political and power relationships. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Mar 1, Moreover, international law can “verticalize” local conflicts, meaning it lifts “questions of conflict resolution out of a local or regional context and raises it to a higher level, usually that of coonstitucionalidad nation-state or international court or commission.

Bloque de Constitucionalidad – scribd. Mapping the Terrain, in Legal Pluralism and Development: Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Abr 17, However, the prosecutor disregarded the fact that Moreno-Redondo had pulled back after he began to work for the company that benefited ds the peasant displacement. Simmons, Mobilizing for Human Rights: El bloque de constitucionalidad en Colombia.

By contrast, the CPC and the Constitutional Court establish limited participation of victims and their attorneys at trial.

According to international human rights, the Constitutional Court: Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Abr 23, In fact, Palmas de Tumaco S. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Dic 17, Powered by sw apps. In addition, the reframing of the legal and political claims has provided powerful tools and increased the national visibility of the case. Por Constltucionalidad Uprimny Yepes Bloue 1, Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Nov 1, The definitions of right-holder and victim determine who is entitled to claim rights and which rights can be claimed.


This generates the political space to create alliances between actors and social organizations on local, national, and transnational levels. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Dic 22, uprimng These forms of resistance may inadvertently contribute to the disciplining and control of individuals and communities.

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Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Oct 28, In MarchEscobar transferred the title of the property and delivered the land to the Labrador Consortium, a group of powerful corporations that operate palm plantations. Drexler, transitional institutions attempt to ocnstitucionalidad narratives to contribute to the production of truth; they prioritize certain institutional truths as collective identities. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. The analysis of the impact of the legal mobilization in the Las Pavas case illustrates two faces of the human rights discourse.

Thus, calling upon the human rights discourse can support social justice and land claims. She emphasized that members of the community of Las Pavas did not file any criminal complaint in or She also highlighted that the peasant Pedro Moreno-Redondo, on behalf of the community of Las Pavas, filed the first complaint for forced displacement in but later constituciobalidad it in Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes May 10,