Blue-Eyed Devil (#31 on our Top Romances List) reading Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas’s first foray into contemporary writing, I was eager. Scenes of domestic abuse and the journey to recovery make Kleypas’s modern romance anything but fluff. A Wellesley grad and daughter of a. Blue-Eyed Devil Lisa Kleypas When Haven Travis defies her father’s wishes by marrying college boyfriend Nick Tanner, she is determined that.

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Just some of my thoughts The second time reading this story I enjoyed it even more. He doesn’t care what Haven wants or what she thinks because the only thing that matters to him is himself.

Blue-Eyed Devil (Travises, #2) by Lisa Kleypas

What she didn’t know when she committed to the k,eypas was that Nick had narcissistic disorder and was verbally, mentally, and physically abusive, including rape.

But Hardy could have been the guy who didn’t win Liberty simply because the older Liberty knew that Gage was the man she wanted. Blue-Eyed Devil is, in essence, a continuation of the first book more so than most sequelspicking klepas where the first leaves off and maintaining significant involvement of many of the original characters.

I also loved the way ilsa Lisa Kleypas made Haven Travis into a strong and independent woman as she may have suffered through a terrible ordeal, but she still tries to move on with her life. A bad boy who was just waiting for the right woman to come into his life.

I wasn’t sure I would like this story because of Hardy. And oh, shit, I didn’t even get around to the bullshit drunken rough sex scene. I already loved Hardy when I started this book, but by the end I was in love with him. Now, probably doesn’t lsa that long ago, but you would be surprised how quickly a kletpas can seem out of date. I still can’t definitively come to terms with the fact that the book is in first person as I wish that I could have seen some of the story from Hardy’s point of view perhaps his encounter with his father, please?


I’ve been busy enough lately that my time here on GoodReads has dwindled. Haven Travis is a poor little rich girl, looking for her place in the world, considered frivolous by her father, and at odds with him on about every issue.

I don’t know how you did it, Ms. In one book, the sister marries a man, who her father says is not right for her, and later on he ends up being abusive. Hardy was a wonderful hero, he was very patient and kind Loved it! This is one of favorite romances. There is spousal abuse, and a rape scene that hy be uncomfortable for some readers.

Blue-Eyed Devil

Lynda X December 17, at Hardy was a wonderful hero, ileypas was very patient and kind to Haven with her lingering issues. View all 59 comments. View all 18 comments. I was so disappointed with that! He was a man that would fight and work for what he valued. But I have been in situations where I felt like the intrinsic person I was didn’t seem valued, like I was being absorbed and eaten away until nothing remained. What I mean by how this novel was quite unusual for a romance novel is that the story starts eeyd with Haven being abused by her former husband Nick and this was the first romance novel that I had read that dealt with the subject matter of domestic abuse and it really made this story much more relatable to any reader who had also suffered through domestic abuse.

Hardy really steps up and redeems himself. Life doesn’t work that way. I get way too “into” my books.

Domestic abuse as a theme felt stereotypical and thin. Oh, what a man. I almost needed an interpreter at times and even had to replay it to catch the meaning.

This chick had serious issues and needed more than a few months of therapy.


It was this part that seriously broke my heart: I sometimes hate feeling helpless Brave enough to take a risk again by being with Hardy. Return to Book Page. A man with an inner drive and ambition that actually embarassed him. Kleypas’ writing is stellar as always. Other books in the series. I kept wondering when Haven was finally going to say enough is enough.

This book was almost too hard to read at first. I did see her insecurities and her desire to be loved, feel worthy, and special. It is difficult to review this particular book without giving away a portion of the plot. Now if only Lisa Kleypas would pull a Stephenie Meyer and re-write this book from the hero’s perspective We are left to ponder too much and he remains an elusive mystery, which is just a shame because damn, the boy is smoking H-O-T!

He may acted like an asshole in the end of that b The second time reading this story I enjoyed it even more.

View all 29 comments. And Hardy Cates, a family enemy, is the last person she needs darkening her door or setting her soul on fire. I’m sure there’s more to know about Texas, no? Haven knows that Nick is her future and she is willing to do whatever it takes to be with him He’s gorgeous, rich, charming with enough vulnerability to make you fall in love with his character. Alpha males that are just too good to be true and wonderful heroines. And LK nearly pushed me to the breaking point–I couldn’t take much more of Nick and wanted to rip his throat out!