Calendula algeriensis Boiss. & Reut. AphiaID. (urn:lsid:marinespecies. org:taxname). Classification. Biota; Plantae (Kingdom). Edit History Type? of Calendula algeriensis Boiss. & Reut. [family ASTERACEAE] . Date Updated: 14 January Herbarium. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität. Calendula algeriensis. taxon author · Pierre Edmond Boissier · George François Reuter · date of taxon name publication. 0 references. taxon rank.

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Our study provides new insights on the composition calendkla C. Oleanolic acid’s influence on bacterial survival and the ability to induce autolysis were measured by counting the number of cfu.

Tissue damage marker enzymes- alkaline phosphatase, alanine and aspartate transaminases were significantly lowered in the treated groups in a dose dependant manner. Antioxidant capacity of calendula officinalis flowers extract and prevention of radiation induced oropharyngeal mucositis in patients with head and neck cancers: Infusions showed no cytotoxicity for the tumor cell lines, and none of the extracts showed toxicity against non-tumor cells.

Calendula officinaliscommonly known Marigold, has been traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory effects. Reduced pain was observed in the Low-level laser therapy and Low-level laser therapy associated with Essential Fatty Acids groups p Calendula officinalis oil was effective in relieving pain and accelerating the tissue repair process of diabetic foot.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor-promoting, and cytotoxic activities of constituents of marigold Calendula officinalis flowers.

MECC was carried out on a cm fused-silica capillary using sodium calendhla sulphate and sodium borate pH 8. Treatment with COE significantly attenuated behavioral alterations, calenfula damage and striatal neuronal loss in 3-NP-treated animals. Chamazulene and bisabolol were found to be present in higher concentrations in chamomile and Calendula flowers.

This triple-blind trial examined the effects of Calendula officinalis vaginal cream on the treatment of vaginal Candidiasis primary outcome and sexual function secondary outcome. Calendula officinalis pot marigold has considerable promise as an industrial crop, with a long history as an ornamental and medicinal plant.


Previously, we have developed collagen type I scaffolds including microparticles of gelatin-collagen type I SGC that are able to control the release of a hydroglycolic extract of the Calendula officinalis flower.

To investigate whether marigold might exert an activity against gastric inflammation, a CH2Cl2 extract obtained from C. Calendula officinalis flower extract possessed significant anti-inflammatory activity against carrageenan and dextran-induced acute paw edema.

Patients were instructed to carry out regular routine oral hygiene maintenance without any reinforcement in it. In-vitro investigation was carried out to discover the antiglycation and antioxidation potential of J.

The results presented allow the authors to consider Calendula officinalis L. In every year of research work the four protective treatments were carried out. Excellent binding for quercetagetin was observed in MMIPs adsorption experiment, and the adsorption isotherm models analysis showed that the homogeneous binding sites were distributed on the surface of the MMIPs.

The selectivity of quercetagetin MMIPs was evaluated according to their recognition to template and its analogues.

Calendula algeriensis Boiss. & Reut. — The Plant List

The formulated mucoadhesive tablets for buccal administration containing 75 mg Calendula mucilage showed controlled drug release. It is suitable for the first evaluation of the wound re-epithelialization potential of crude herbal extracts, isolated compounds and pharmaceutical preparations.

No adverse events were observed during the Calendula officinalis extract treatment.

From a potential population of patients, 25 did not meet the inclusion criteria. The presented results suggest that isorhamnetin and quercetin and its glycosides can be considered as potential anti-acetylcholinesterase agents.

Generi della flora italiana: Calendula

Effect of Calendula officinalis cream on achilles tendon healing. The predator populations responded positively to the addition of C. The structures of the officinosides were elucidated on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence.


Studies of cell cycle and apoptosis were performed in LACE-treated cells. The antibacterial evaluation of compounds by bioautography on Staphylococcus aureus followed by the determination of MIC values of active compounds by serial dilution technique against 5 bacteria revealed that; calendustellatoside D was the most active against Enterococcus faecalis with an antibacterial effect comparable to antibiotics.

EPPO Global Database

Histological and histomorphometric results indicate that grafting of SGC alone favors wound healing and brings a better clinical outcome than grafting SGC-E. Calendula flower is used to prevent muscle spasms, start Diabetic foot ulcers DFUs have a significant impact on patient quality of life. Calendula mouthwash significantly decreased the intensity of OM compared to placebo at week 2 score: No carcinogenicity or reproductive and developmental toxicity data were available.

Marigold Calendula officinalis was included in the study for comparison, as it belongs to the same family. Biological evaluation was carried out for these two compounds such as melanin biosynthesis inhibitory, hyaluronic acid production activities, anti obesity using lipase inhibition and adipocyte differentiation as well as evaluation of the protective effect against hydrogen peroxide induced neurotoxicity in neuro-2A cells.

It is a staple topical remedy in homeopathic medicine. The objective of the study was to evaluate the protective effect of Calendula officinalis propylene glycol extracts against oxidative DNA damage and lipid peroxidation induced by high polyunsaturated fatty acid PUFA intake in young growing pigs. The proposed method can be adopted for routine evaluation of the phytochemical variability in calendula extracts.

LPS induced cyclooxygenase-2 Cox-2 levels in mice spleen were also found to be inhibited by extract treatment.