Team Rodent. Team Rodent · Buy it at Amazon “Team Rodent doesn’t believe in sleaze, however, nor in old-fashioned revulsion. Square in the middle is. Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World Production: A “deranged rant” is how Carl Hiaasen has aptly described his contribution to. Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen – book cover, description, publication history.

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But you can’t blame Disney for that.

Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen (Book Review)

He thinks they are trying to erase reality, which they are but only in the parks, whic A collection of essays dedicated to why Carl Hiaasen thinks Disney is evil.

Your money WILL end up in their hands eventually. I only know because I knew people who worked there at the time And that whole ongoing lioness story?! Disney isn’t to blame for the growth in Texas and Arizona; blame Willis Haviland Carrier, the inventor of the modern air conditioner. Disney isn’t in the business of exploiting Nature so much as striving to improve upon it, constantly fine-tuning God’s work.

And in regards to the dalmation chapter, Disney is a huge corportation. Sep 07, Jenny rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Paperback96 pages. In a few cases, Hiaasen tries to relate the corporation to tragedies or scandals that they really have hardly anything to do with, or are loosely related to but not purposely so.

Carl is not a Disney fan. But I think his ma First, this is a very short book. Definitely gives me an alternate perspective of the magical land I love so much. This book is incredible, and forever changed by mind about the Disney machine. This is not so much a book but a critical essay. I don’t agree with everything Disney does either.


I’ve been to Disney World many times and I was interested to read his opinion. The book also talks about the strange, and at times, seemingly menacing secrecy of Disney and its operations.

This was written during the Eisner years which in my mind were the dark years of the company. Peep Land is here to remind us; a fixed compass point by which we can govern our private behavior.

I occasionally enjoy reading the arguments of people with views opposite of mine, so it was good to be reminded in this 90 page epic how liberal journalists and politicians for rkdent matter are especially “unbiased” in their own eyes. I have no problem reading about the darker side of Disney when it’s not maliciously written.

Team Rodent

Disney is the Devil Actually reading two books about Disney But he gets these messages across in a jokey, fast reading, fun way. From its film, music and television wing to its parks, resorts and cruiselines and its reach in numerous other industries, it has certainly grown a great deal from even the level its founder may have envisioned before his untimely death in I’d say that Disney’s goodness, far outweighs any bad things it may have done.

It is bound to have Books like hiaaasen really spark my hiaasej.

There is a bunch of ugly nasty sprawl around Disney. So why bring them up? Without it, Florida would be but another Myrtle Beach. Team Rodent doesn’t believe in sleaze, however, nor in old-fashioned revulsion.

Excellent read on the evils of Disney.


Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World by Carl Hiaasen

How could Carl come to despise a company that has brought joy to the world and jobs to his home state? His bone of contention is that Disney World is an ongoing crime of cultural, political and environmental pollution against his beloved home state.

We’re the first ones to crucify a politician for accepting undisclosed favors from cronies and special interests. The Globes ceremony [ Apr 11, Rodnet Foster rated it liked it. Reading this book was like sitting down with a friend and discovering that they also hate a certain thing that is widely beloved by everyone else.

I will return to reading Carl Hiaasen fiction, which is always laced with his editorials on the ridiculous in Florida, and which I much enjoy. Dec 31, Todd rated it it was amazing.

In one chapter he rants against how Disney takes over a place and provides all sorts of “clean” services to the visitors, then in the next he rants against them when they fail to do so, causing people to have to use their gas guzzling SUVs to drive somewhere to shop, eat, etc.

The last thing I’m going to complain about is Gorda Cay. Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida. Open Preview See a Problem?

This is someone with a sad personal vendetta. I guess they shouldn’t make any movies about anything because consumers can’t be held responsible for there actions.