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The colors of House Atreides are green and black, and their symbol is a red hawk. For the royal house in Heroic Age Greek mythology and literature, see Atreidai. The original novel makes reference to ” guidon pennants ” being used as banners of noble houses specifically on Atreires Prime: Only Missile tanks and Rocket turrets pose a threat to them. House Harkonnen Dune: The Harkonnen version is stronger in armor but slower, whilst the Ordos version is faster but has less armor.

Jessica gives birth to Leto’s daughter, Alia ; whom the Bene Gesserit call an Abomination because Jessica, while still pregnant, underwent the ritual spice agonythus inadvertently awakening Alia to full consciousness in the womb. Gentle gray eyes like his own held a disarming strength that his enemies often overlooked, to their great peril. Yvette Hagal 10, – 10, A.

Dune: Casa Atreides – Wikipedia

The sonic cqsa it uses has a slightly shorter range, and the tank has a weak spot right at the front. Leto II Atreides 10, – 13, A. He delves into a pool of sandtroutwhich form a living skin around him; his resulting body is superhuman, becoming nearly invulnerable, capable of tremendous speed and possessing the strength of many men. But the poison in him, deep in his mind, is the knowledge that an Atreides had a Harkonnen banished for cowardice after the Battle of Corrin.

Alia, fully atreidex into madness, manages to regain control of her body long enough to leap out a high window to her death. Dune finds the Tleilaxu Master Scytale a prisoner of the Bene Gesserit; one of his secret bargaining chips is a nullentropy capsule containing cells carefully and secretly collected by the Casz for millennia. When Fremen are enemies, they DO attack buildings as well.


House Atreides

Paulus Atreides 10, – 10, A. Paul himself decides to go through the spice agony to test whether he may be the Kwisatz Haderachand succeeds.

Paul lets these plots play out and manages to keep his Empire intact, but not without a price; he is blinded by the explosion of a stone burnerand Chani dies giving birth to his only heirs, the twins Leto II and Ghanima.

This royal house included many significant figures in Greek myth. Victor Atreides 10, – 10, A. For the novel of the same name, see Dune: Leto sacrifices his humanity and, for the sake of the survival of the human race, chooses to accept transformation into a sandwormthe fearsome giant beasts of Arrakis which actually control the spice cycle.

Fremen in Dune are stealth units, they czsa be seen by enemies until they are next to infantrymen or base defense turrets. House Atreides Dune: Paulus is killed, and soon Leto’s suspicions of his mother’s involvement are proven correct.

Known as the Tyrant, he has dominated humanity to a breaking point; he himself has become a full human-worm hybrid, immense in size and physically more sandworm than human. In the film versionthis language is presented as a system of hand signals; the novels also include a spoken language. Paul is dasa, but Leto’s ascension is now guaranteed.

Dune LA Casa Atreides

Alia’s subsequent attempt to eliminate her atredies — as well as a Corrino plot to assassinate the twins — sets off a Fremen rebellion and puts the religion of Muad’Dib in turmoil. Alia herself is wary of the Lady Jessica, returned from Caladan with questionable intentions. Views Read Edit View history. As Leto passed the serene visage of an ancestor he had never known, he nodded in habitual respect, then hurried up a set of wide marblecrete stairs.

A millennia-long feud exists between the Atreides and the decadent House Harkonnenwho have essentially bought their status while the Atreides are related to the Emperor by blood.

Leto weds his sister Ghanima in a political union to consolidate power; unable to father children, he instead intends for her to take Farad’n of House Corrino as a mate. The game casts the player atreifes Paul Atreides, with the goal of driving the Harkonnens out of spice management.


Leto Atreides 10, – 10, A. House Atreides has been featured in all of the Dune computer games:.

Dune: La casa Atreides – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The breakdown of Leto’s empire, severe famine on many worlds and the introduction of Ixian navigation machines have caused billions of people to leave the settled worlds, striking off into unknown space in a diaspora known as the Scattering. Although it has only medium armor and slow moving speed, its sonic oscillator fires heavy sonic shockwaves to long distances, being particularly effective against infantry and structures.

This union will produce a long bloodline, which Leto will manipulate in his own breeding program to achieve the goals of his Golden Path. As a result of Jessica’s earlier choice to atreided a atreidws, the goal of the Bene Gesserit breeding program; the Kwisatz Haderach was born a generation early, went unnoticed and lived outside of the Sisterhood’s control. The Baron cannot forget that Leto is a cousin of the royal blood — no matter what the distance — while the Harkonnen titles came out of the CHOAM pocketbook.

Its armor is much stronger, and its speed is also slower. Leronica Tergiet – B. This seemingly innocuous choice would drastically change the course of humanity forever.

Retrieved March 26, If an enemy unit is right in front of the Sonic Tank at the focal pointit suffers very little damage. They ignore structures, unless the player have chosen another house. Vladimir Harkonnen 10, – 10, A. Leto I Atreides 10, – 10, A. The ego-memory of the evil Baron HarkonnenJessica’s secret father, seduces Alia from within, atreidea his help in fighting off the multitude atreodes ancestral personalities struggling for control.

The Machine Crusade Dune: He and his Fremen concubine Chani have a son they call Leto, but the boy is killed in infancy as the battle for Arrakis intensifies.

Soon, however, he himself has possessed her. This page was last edited on 14 Augustat