Carlo Levi () was born in Turin, Italy. He was a writer, journalist, artist, and doctor, whose first documentary novel, Christ Stopped at Eboli (). It was to Lucania, a desolate land in southern Italy, that Carlo Levi—a doctor, painter, philosopher, and man of letters—was confined as a political prisoner. ‘We’re not Christians, Christ stopped short of here, at Eboli.’ Exiled to a remote and barren corner of Italy for his opposition to Mussolini, Carlo.

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When I had been presented to the mayor and to the sergeant of the carabinieri police and had said goodbye to my guards, who were anxious to be on their way, I found myself alone in the middle of the road. If they were by chance to meet, think what a danger there would be to the State! Here lay the meaning to him of the war In Africa. At first sight the village did not seem to be a village at all, but merely a group of scattered white houses, slightly pretentious in their poverty.

He belonged completely to these people, to their hates and passions, stopepd was one of them and he was eating his heart away.

There was not the same everyday rubbing of shoulders among the inhabitants, and passions were better hidden, more moderate in appearance, and involved in greater complexities. Don’t tell me that here even finding a cleaning stoppev is impossible. In the book he gives Aliano the invented name ‘Gagliano’.

And this year, of all years, when our country was on the road to greatness? A ebo,i though meagre diet consisted of bread, oil, crushed tomatoes, and peppers.

He was wrapped in a cloak, with a quilted skull-cap on his head and a pipe in his toothless mouth. The Story of a Year by Carlo Levi. I asked him about the progress of his work here in Gagliano.

Christ stopped at Eboli, down on the coast, up the in the hills the world remains pre-Christian. But there was ebolli melancholy enchantment about the place; I could pace up and down on the loose tiles ; and as nighttime companions I preferred bats to the tax collectors and bedbugs of the widow’s abode.


The little crowd waited outside while the mayor and the sergeant, with the excuse wt official business, went in and looked with curi- osity at everyone’s letters.

sfopped Baron Collefusco, the pretended liberal, belonged to It, too. And we shall at last have a decent doctor, instead of having to take a trip every time we’re ill. This is the root of the endless struggle to ob- tain power and to keep it from others, a struggle which the narrowness of their surroundings, enforced idleness, arid a mixture of personal and political motives render continuous and savage.

Christ Stopped at Eboli () – IMDb

Una scrittura fuori dal tempo, la cui bellezza non invecchia mai. Films directed by Francesco Rosi. We’re not Christians,” they say.

Now there’s a war on. In the ‘atmosphere permeated by divinities’ p. Let the whole world perish in order to efface even the memory of Grassano, white on the moutain top, with its gentry and its brigands. Behind the glasses were sharp eyes which passed quickly from an obsessed stare to a keen sparkle. They had an urgent and miserable character born of the daily need for food and money, and they strove futilely to cloak them- selves in the genteel tradition.

This is the kind of place Carlo Levi is thrown into. There was no other 32 choice. Their wait was a long one; the wind stirred the white veils that fell over their backs, which were straight and taut as they balanced the jars on their heads with easy grace. Captain Cuscianna and Lieutenant Decunto of Grassano, of whom I have spoken, were the only volun- teers from their respective villages. Levi is the nominal protagonist of the book, since this is his memoir of one-year in in Aliano, Italy, renamed Gagliano in the book as “Nothing had ever come [from Rome] but the tax collector and speeches over the radio.

I had been only a short time in the widow’s kitchen and had just begun to question her about the village when there was a knock at the door and a group of peasants asked timidly if they might come in.

He, him- selfhad many enemies. Of course the liberals all went into hiding, but they were arrested and sentenced. The pervading silence of the countryside hung heavily over the kitchen, and the monotonous buzzing of the flies marked the passing hours with an endless re- frain.


His uncle was of no importance anyhow. They were grouped around the fountain, old and young, some standing and others sitting, all of them with small wooden barrels balanced on their heads and carrying terra cotta jars of the Ferrandina make.

Christ Stopped at Eboli

I drew back and blushed with shame, as I was to do on many more occasions during the following year when other peasants made the same gesture. War is just another of the perpetually expected misfortunes over which they have no control.

Even still, though, I find this book to be a model of beautiful nonfiction in its attempt to deeply understand a culture from the multiple points of view of political systems, sexuality, codes of neighborliness, landscape, memory, mythology, folklore, medicine. But later I had to admit that, even if it was Lieutenant Decunto’s job to watch over me, he was sincere and his pessimism was by no means an affectation.

Christ Stopped at Eboli: The Story of a Year

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He would go after a peasant for a debt of a few lire; ztopped drove a hard bargain, knew how to choose land agents faithful to his interests, and wasted pity on no one.

Education was available, but as Levi stated, the mayor who taught class spent more time overlooking the sgopped than educating the children. The south is poor and the north is rich.

It is the day to day struggle that matters, and this is what Carlo Levi portrays in such a tender way. View all 5 comments. Chdist says that he was tutored by his housekeeper in peasant magic while exiled in Lucania; I think this book is proof that he gained considerable proficiency.