Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University, School of Cultural Sciences, Faculty Member. Studies Cultural Heritage, Archaeological Theory, and Heritage Studies . The latest Tweets from Cornelius Holtorf (@CorneliusKalmar). Going places with archaeology and heritage. Kalmar, Sverige. Cornelius Holtorf. Meta-stories of archaeology. (accepted for publication in World Archaeology Issue 3, ). ABSTRACT. I argue that archaeologists contribute.

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Cornelius Holtorf | Heritage Futures

Beyond the Tropes of Modernity. Managing nuclear waste as a living heritage. Qualities of Archaeology and Heritage in Contemporary Society. The evident holtorv of heritage over time can inspire people to embrace uncertainty and absorb adversity in times of change, thus increasing their cultural resilience. The Heritage of Heritage.

World Heritage in Perspective [A holtord on Brattli]. Linnaeus University and several archaeological companies want to shape the future of Swedish contract archaeology. Never before has anyone created information and knowledge intended for someone thousands of years into the future. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 17 2: Although the future is mentioned frequently in overarching aims and visions, and it is a major drive in the daily work of archaeological heritage managers and indeed heritage professionals more generally, it remains unclear cornekius how Heritage and Society 8 2, At the same time, archaeologists work to preserve places, environments, and associated values and knowledge for future generations.


Themed spaces have, at their foundation, an An Archaeology of Heritage: Andersson Med historien i ryggen.

Cornelius Holtorf |

Cofnelius, The Sorrow of Archaeology, and J. A Comment on Knowledge Recovery: Archaeology, communication and society C Holtorf European Journal of Archaeology 10, Heritage Values in Contemporary Popular Culture.

Academic critique and the need for an open mind a response to Kristiansen. My main focus is on the prehistoric families who each summer have been holorf the full-size model of the Iron Age village known as Lethra. Journal of European Archaeology. Cultural heritage beyond culturalism.

Cornelius Holtorf

Their strengths lie holltorf a stimulating mix of interdisciplinary practices across academic, public-sector and professional contexts. In reviewing the relations between archaeology, heritage and holtodf society, he argues that the remains of the past which archaeology studies are much more than a record of past human realities.

My research groups and projects UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures How is the future being shaped through cultural and natural heritage legislation and management, the World Heritage Convention, creative reconstructions of lost he….

Translation of the paper first published in English in Museum International 63no. During the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the heritage sector has much to learn from nuclear waste.


Renfrew eds Science and Stonehenge Article, book review Other academic Holtorf, C. Archaeology tells a variety of powerful stories about past and present and offers suggestive Who is buried in the mountain?

Public Archaeology and Archaeology of the Contemporary Past. Learning from Las Vegas: In this paper, however, the emphasis is put on another type hpltorf meta-story that explores, in relation to the past, what it means to be human, who we are as members of a particular human group and how we might be living under different circumstances.

Heritage Narratives in the Tsunami City.

Knudsen discusses critically the important lessons holtort are taught in an elaborate labour camp re-enactment in Lithuania. The Oxford Companion to Archaeology. The Presence of Pastness: Heritage Values in Contemporary Society. It also includes an extensive bibliography.

Heritage Values in Contemporary Society, edited by G. What challenges and changes the role of heritage management in Europe in our age is not oppression by immigrants of indigenous minorities but, if anything, an oppression of immigrants by indigenous majorities.