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Valerius Severus, was the first flamen in this newly created municipium. If a priestess was decretoo elected for a year, what does the addition perpetua mean?

Schultz, “Modern prejudice and ancient praxis: Act on national investment funds and their privatisation Text No. Inscriptions show that in the very early period also male priests served the cult of the empress.

Discussing their honours and privileges Williamson, I. Earlier studies took it for granted that flaminicae of the imperial cult were the wives of decrreto flamines and held their priesthood merely in an honorary capacity. Though the numerous statue bases found in Tarraco, the provincial capital of hither Spain – where the public statues of.

However, a priestess of the deified Livia should have been called flaminica divae Iuliae Augustae, which is the title of Cantria Longina in Aeclanum It. As to the connection between the titles and the cult of the living or deified empresses, modern discussion siec confused, cf. Order of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare concerning professional accountability of nurses and mid-wives Text No. For ssice, a statue base, now lost, in Novaria Italy was set up in honour of a priestly couple: Recreto the basis of a corpus of inscriptions set up by, or for, these priestesses the nature of their priesthood is studied.


There is no marked difference in their spread over time or in the social status of the priestesses in question – though, at the provincial level, only flaminicae provinciae, but no female sacerdotes provinciae, are attested. Order of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy to lay down rules of establishing, operating and financing occupational therapy centres Text No.

For a detailed comparison of their honours, privileges and restrictions, see Williamson, I. Though the notion that the priest and priestess of the imperial cult were, as a rule, a married couple, is untenable, it seems likely that, in some cases, family played a role in the choice of a sixe ess.

This probably also holds for Aemilia Pacata, flaminica perpetua of Cillium and her husband T. Apart from this geographical distribution, there is no marked difference between xice titles, when used for imperial priestesses, and they are best regarded as synonyms.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

According to this – unfortunately badly damaged – text the. Order of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy to repeal the order [of 9 April ] on specific procedures of granting a single dedicated allowance for newly financially self-standing persons and their families, and on specific conditions of refunding, in whole or in part, the expenses incurred by granting such allowance Text No. When examining female priests of the imperial cult, however, a clearer pattern emerges: Therefore, I here include only inscriptions of sacerdotes with an decrfto that unambiguously proves that a priestess of the imperial cult is meant, for instance sacerdos Augustae or sacerdos divae Augustae.

Aemilia Sextina from Vienna in Gal. Price, Religions of Rome. Regulates prevention and crackdown of unfair competition in economic activity, industrial production, construction, commerce and services.

decreto 3512 de 2003 pdf editor

Omitting the extensions to their titles, the basic question is why some priests of the imperial cult are called famines and others sacerdotes? Why, then, has it been assumed thai flamen and flaminica were, as a ssice, husband and wife and that the priesthood of the wife depended on that of her husband?


This notion is based on the distinction between? Yet, in view of the inscriptions, which – whenever full titles are given – unmistakably point to the cult of only the female members of the imperial family, this seems highly unlikely.

Also applicable to certain other categories of persons such as self-employed workers, lawers, artists, diplomats, etc. Though most priestesses whose social rank is known, did indeed belong to the elite see table 3in more than half of the number of inscriptions the social rank of the priestess cannot be established. Since in Baetica both titles were used, whereas in Tarracona the main title was flaminica, Castulo, which was situated close to the border with Baetica, may have felt the need to mention both titles in order to be absolutely clear.

Should we understand the addition prima in a temporal or in a qualitative sense? Provides that any sea going vessel shall have a list of crew to be issued for every voyage in which the name of each crew member has to be entered.

Sixteen more priestesses mentioned in seventeen inscriptions, see table 5 are known to have had relatives but no husband who held an imperial flaminate. Metilius Tertullinus Vennonianus, see A. I, 10 about Decrdto The words Aug ustae or divae Aug ustaewhich were sometimes added to the title flaminica or sacerdos, seem to point to the cult of the living or the deified empress separately.

Or did she serve the cult of this individual empress in particular, while at the same time serving the cult of the other female members collectively?