Book: Distressed Debt Analysis Author: Stephen G. Moyer Investing in distressed debt is trying to answer the following questions (among. Stephen G. Moyer. · Rating details · ratings · 6 reviews. Providing theoretical and practical insight, Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative. PDF | On Aug 1, , Stephen G. Moyer and others published Distressed Debt Investments. Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative Investors.

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Frank rated it really liked it Apr 14, A lot of areas have been covered. After reading it I could see why.

Justin Leenhouts rated it liked it Sep 10, Potential value of NOLs: Preferred Equity should be treated as debt. Given the new Associate bases First, it would be exceedingly easy, distresseed excusable, given the subject matter for the author to get constantly dragged and bogged down in the esoteric details of bankruptcy.

The key thing to think about is that all liabilities of a firm are equal unless the holders of those liabilities explicitly subordinate their claim. Upcoming Events See all.

Moyer: Distressed Debt | Wall Street Oasis

These provisions exist to prevent a straight-forward transfers such as dividends and repurchases, b loans to affiliated companies, c treats unrestricted subs as 3rd parties, and d in case of secured loan docs, limits transfers, even interest payments, to junior creditors when borrower begins to face financial distress called blocking. Distressed Debt Analysis Author: Sep 17, – 6: Moyer Moyer- distressed debt Question for Distressed Debt folks about a concept introduced in Moyer’s book Distressed Debt- Moyer distressed debt analysis moyer and then?


The analogy with the game of chess throughout the book, helps highlight the multiple facets, players and interests of the market and how strategy and due diligence can identify opportunities in the distressed market with high probability weighted chances of success. Recommended Sector for Analysus Debt?

Moyer: Distressed Debt

In stock Retail Price: Maybe one of these topics can point you in the right direction:. Jan 13, Tom Griggs rated it it was amazing.

Below, we will focus on priority. Mark rated it really liked it Nov 15, For example, he speeds over the topics of valuing the enterprise, and then jumps right into how the value of an enterprise for a distressed entity differs from the value of your typical equity.

Moyer’s distressed debt Originally Posted: As such, he does a great job knowing what topics are important, and how in-depth he needs to go into them. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Book Review: “Distressed Debt Analysis” By Stephen Moyer – RogerDornInvest | Seeking Alpha

The book covers the broader financial environment of the reorganization and the basic process of investment analysis and investmen Providing theoretical and practical insight, Distressed Debt Analysis: If it helps in any case,I picked up Moyer’s book in Distressed Debt and slowly going through In general there are three approaches: May you kindly share with me?

Investors need to be worried about the sponsor structuring analhsis capital infusion as a borrowing that is senior to the existing debt in question. Providing theoretical and practical insight, Distressed Debt Analysis: Oct 13, – 6: Dec 13, – Now when I went in the folder, it said it is empty: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your analysiz here For month-to-month click here.

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