Col nome di archivio #Mitrokhin ci si riferisce ai materiali che l’ex funzionario del servizio segreto sovietico, #KGB, Vasilij Nikitič #Mitrokhin (Василий Никитич. Italy Parliament Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta concernente il “dossier Mitrokhin” e l’attività d’intelligence italiana. Overview. Commissione Parlamentare d’Inchiesta Concernente il “Dossier Mitrokhin” e l’ Attività d’Intelligence Italiana: Documento Conclusivo sull’Attività Svolta e sui.

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House of Representatives, 26 Oct Howard Hunt, the former C. A gripping read it ain’t. Large-scale sabotage preparations were supposedly made against the US, Canadaand elsewhere in case of war, including hidden weapons caches; several mitorkhin been removed or destroyed by police relying on Mitrokhin’s information. Similarly, the story that the K. When a left-wing member of the Commission questioned his credentials, he promptly remade one.

Dossier Mitrokhin (Rapporto Impedian 1995) SEGRETISSIMO

Still, the overall impact of this volume is convincing, though none of the material will send historians scurrying to rewrite their books. On Septembera work by two researchers DR.

Ali Agca, as everyone knows, was a professional assassin. Webarchive template wayback links Vague or ambiguous geographic scope from July Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from June Wikipedia articles needing clarification from July All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Languages Italiano Edit links.

Both Russia and Bulgaria condemned the report. For instance, the authors tell how the K. The commission was disbanded in Marchwithout any concrete evidence given to support the original allegations of KGB ties to Italian politicians. He was aided and abetted in this scheme by right-wing conspiracy theorists in the United States and William Casey ‘s Central Intelligence Agency, which became a victim of its own disinformation campaign.

The commission was shut down in without having developed any new concrete evidence beyond the original information in the Mitrokhin Archive. Also, the operational material matches western electronic intercepts and agent reports.

The Mitrokhin Commission ended in a scandal, and without evidence to tie any Italian politician. He claimed in the draft of the report, without providing evidence to back his claim, that “leaders of the former Soviet Union were behind the assassination attempt”, alleging that “the leadership of the Soviet Union took the initiative to eliminate Pope John Paul ” because of his support for Solidaritythe Polish trade-union, relaying “this decision to the military secret services” and not the KGB.


When he defected to the United Kingdom in he brought the archive with him. Advanirequested the Government a miteokhin paper to file defamation suits against Christopher Andrew.

Mitrokhin Archive

Mitrokhin’s material have been followed up worldwide. Vol 3, No The transfer of the massive archive eventually took over 12 years, from to On December 1, several Italian newspapers published interceptions of telephone calls between Paolo Guzzanti and Mario Scaramellaa consultant on the Mitrokhin Commission, who became involved in the events surrounding the death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in Great Britain on 23 November [18].

We spoke at length. Mitrokhin, who was by that time the head of the Archives department, was mirtokhin by the director of the First Directorate, Vladimir Kryuchkovwith the task of cataloging the documents and overseeing their orderly transfer to the new Headquarters.

Mitrokhin Archive – Wikipedia

In the interceptions, Guzzanti declared that the Mitrokhin Commission’s unstated goal was to depict Romano Prodi and Alfonso Pecoraro Scanioleader of the Federation of the Greens and current Minister of Environment in Prodi’s government, as “agents of the KGB”, financed by Moscow in order to discredit him. The Mitrokhin Commission was an Italian parliamentary commission set up in to investigate alleged KGB ties of some Italian politicians.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mitrokhin, la magistratura indaga, l’Udc prende le distanze Archived at the Wayback Machine. Views Read Edit View history. The Committee also interviewed Mitrokhin, who told them that he was not content with the way the book was published, and that he felt he did not accomplish what he intended when writing the notes.

Mitrokhin Commission – Wikipedia

Inafter Mr. The Mjtrokhin Forum archives. Apart from that, she described the book as “the latest example of an emerging genre of spy histories based on materials from the KGB archives.

Christopher Andrew states that in the Mitrokhin Archive there are several Latin American leaders or members of left wing parties accused of being KGB informants or agents. Conversations Between Millenniums [8]. After a further meeting one month later with representatives of MI6, operations followed to retrieve the 25, pages of files hidden in his house, doxsier operations from as far back as the s.


As with the first, Mitrokhin has a co-author, Christopher Andrew, an historian who enjoys close ties with Britain’s security and intelligence services. These forgeries depicted an attempt ,itrokhin the regime of Iraq ‘s Saddam Hussein to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger during the Iraq armament crisisand was part of the rationale for the Iraq War cited by the Bush administration to invade Iraq in Unbeknownst to Kryuchkov and the KGB, while cataloging the documents, Mitrokin secretly took his own copies and immensely detailed notes of the documents which he smuggled to his dacha and hid under the floorboards.

Though much of The Sword and the Shield is drawn from Andrew’s earlier works and collaborations, the mittrokhin does contain fresh revelations” and then he adds that “several of mitroohin much-publicized revelations, however, hardly qualify as such.

He was arrested end of December on charges of calumny and illegal weapons’ trade.

The New York Times. The Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian Connection. Retrieved 21 June The Mitrokhin Archive arrives from a cache under a Russian dacha floor, courtesy of the British intelligence community itself, and its chosen historian, Chris Andrew. The April general election was won by Romano Prodi ‘s centre-left L’Unioneand in Novemberthe new Italian parliament instituted a commission to investigate the Mitrokhin Commission for allegations that it was manipulated mitrokhi political purposes.

Political history of Dossifr. Scaramella and Senator Guzzanti published by the Italian press in late [3]showing that the two planned to discredit various political opposition figures by claiming ties with the KGB.