Dana Migas Masuk Dalam Draft Revisi UU Migas Oil and Gas Indonesia. Question a: Does the country have a natural resource fund which is funded by . The draft proposed Oil and Gas Bill states that BUK Migas is directly and atas catatan dari Badan Legislasi mengenai draf RUU Migas. The Oil and Gas Draft (RUU Migas) should have entered the latest revision. After that, submitted to the Legislature so that the middle of the year.

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Of the three definitions, BUK oil and gas migws very close to the definition of the category of public companies. Thus, the role of the state will not be disrupted if there is a dispute law problem with KKKS. The field is expected Meanwhile, energy sector observer Marwan Batubara said that there should be no dualism of SOEs that take care of the oil and craft sector both from upstream and downstream. Dedi juga berharap, revisi Undang-Undang Migas tidak berpihak golongan tertentu.

BUK capital is a separate and undivided state asset of stocks.

SKK Migas Will Dissolve, BPH Migas Will Be Joint | MEDIA MONITORING OIL AND GAS

The field is expected Selaniutnya Panitia Kerja akan mengundang pengusul agar segera diharmonisasi. The reason, not clearly illustrated what the actual position. Rather it is Pertamina which refers to Law no.

Dari ketiga definisi tersebut, BUK migas sangat dekat definisinya dengan kategori perusahaan umum. Menurut dia, jika konsep lama dipertahankan, kedaulatan negara akan terancam. Follow by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The question is, where is this BUK position? Member of Commission VII Kurtubi said the proposed form of BUK oil and gas refers to the recommendation of the Constitutional Court that BP Migas is not in accordance with the constitution because it miigas not in the form of a business entity.


Third, a public company whose capital is wholly owned by the state and is not divided into shares and aims for general benefit and pursues profit based on migae principles.

Pertanyaannya, posisi BUK ini dimana? According to him, once it was Pertamina contracted. Dulu hanya Kuasa Pertambangan dipegang Pertamina. However, by referring to the decision of the Constitutional Court MK which previously canceled the Oil and Gas Law, the provision must be changed.

Follow by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

UGM Submits Academic Paper on Oil and Gas Law Amendments to the House

Kurtubi menyebut, pihaknya tidak menginginkan BUK berbentuk perseroan. In addition to these reasons, Kurtubi said, SKK Migas is currently no work, after the government revoked fuel subsidies. Keuntungan BUK Migas adalah, tidak akan ada arbitrase ke negara.

If the DPR feels that it is so far away with the beleid, it is not the case with the government. In Article 1, Imgas no.

Jadi nanti pertamina yang jadi BUK bukan lembaga baru lagi. He called the proposer to explain the reasons for oil and gas BUK under the coordination of the president. Oleh karena itu, pihaknya mengusulkan agar terdapat badan usaha yang bisa menjalankan fungsi pengelolaan, pengawasan, dan pengusahaan.

Dedi also hopes that the revision of the Drqft and Gas Law does not favor a certain group. The field is expected Padahal, sektor migas menyangkut hajat hidup orang banyak. Kami akan melakukan beberapa langkah. Menurutnya, dulu itu Pertamina yang berkontrak.

  ATF 10136 PDF

migaz Pada Pasal 1, UU No. This special agency will fully manage the national oil and gas sector. Gross split is a profit-sharing scheme between the government and KKKS that was calculated at the start as a substitute for conventional cost recovery schemes, or production costs that were replaced by the government after production.

Saat ini, posisi negara sejajar dengan KKKS, karena kerjasamanya langsung ke negara. Sisi plusnya, anggaran operasional lebih independen.

So, according to him, if juxtaposed with the Law of SOE increasingly disconnected. Optimalisasi Teknologi informasi untuk peningkatan transparansi Proyek 5: Senin jam 1 dibahas lagi,” ujarnya.


Sehingga, peran negara tidak akan terganggu jika ada masalah dispute hukum dengan KKKS. Sujatmiko said that the government has not yet reached the discussion on BUK Migas. The inauguration of the TSHE Test Laboratory could be a solution for the community in encouraging the creation of a healthier and energy-efficient stove so that it is expected to be able to develop a healthy and energy-efficient stove market, “said Bioenergy Director of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudjoko Harsono Adi.

About Me agus rudi Purnomo.

About Me agus rudi Purnomo. Jika SKK bubar, sebagai gantinya akan dibentuk lembaga yang sama, tapi akan digabungkan dengan Pertamina menjadi badan usaha khusus. About Me agus rudi Purnomo. Currently, the country’s position is parallel to the KKKS, because its cooperation directly to the state.