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C anadian P a c ific Cen tral o f G e o r g ia. It seems hardly necessary to say that South Africa continues to exhibit the largest growth; not only is that true, but the returns indicate a development that is surprising.

The thermometer ranged from 37 to 70, D ecem bera M exican C e n t r a l. Schwab, Frank Lym an, George F. The resolution recommending the defeat of this amendment was offered by the Committee of Finance and Currency of the Chamber of Commerce on Feb. W ils o nP resident; R. Date April 1 Interest semi-annual. The British imports since Jan. Domestic leaf has not attracted much attention, the quality of much that is offered being undesirable and held at very firm quotations.

C incinnati N o rth.

Commercial and Financial Chronicle, February 20, , Vol. 88, No. | FRASER | St. Louis Fed

Consequently for the seven months of the ple of the United States are at present very slow at fiscal year shipments of goods reached a much apprehending, namely things develop most rapidly lower value than in the like interval of the previous and for the best general advantage when they are left year, and were also moderately less than in to manage themselves, under the universal law of and dtk I actually just clicked the balloon and NetBeans declared it. K P rice fY id xto v deb 19 Week!


Only amoderate business has been done in print cloths; regulars Total Feb.

Louis c h r o n ic l e Australasia. D ecem ber Rl w k Feb Rto ecem ber D ecem ber. I X April Union Pacific, common quar. Right reserved to reject any or.

WalkerCass County, Minn.

And Thursday’s Bank return is very favorable, pointing to a continuance of cheap m oney. Proposals will be received County, N. The official notice of this bond offering will be found am ong the advertisem ents elsewhere in this Department. D ulu th S treet R y.

D ou g la s, Cashier. Piqua School District P. The directorate xto ness and accounts already taken in there show that the step now composed of eighteen members, fourteen of whom are was wisely undertaken.

Interior to w n s U. W nm itncm ring ifc Induntrinl Beth Steel 1st ext s f 5 s.

An advance was in this case made should be, he will be justified in calling his subordinates Senator Knox voting for itbut subsequently the to account for their shortcomings. Last week the American Government announced that they would cease buying, but we have reason to think that they sto before long be In the market again both for home coinage and the Philippines.

Wilkinson, President; as reported 278 date of Feb. Noonan will have active management of the road, with headquarters at Rochester.

February 20, 1909, Vol. 88, No. 2278

NB All bids shall provide for the paym ent of accrued Interest from the date of said bonds to the date of delivery of said bonds. M-S C on sol Os Subsequently, yield fell off, and while it was a little greater in than it nevertheless was barely one-third of the output. Dgo report shows an aggregate amount of business in somewhat less than one-fourth that of and, of course, an enormous decrease in income.


The eastern section of the belt has recently had good rains and the drougth in Texas has been at least Week ending Feb.


Closing prices were as follows: Amalgamated Copper qu ar. Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio. Date July 1 C 59, 15, 15, We give the prices for to-day below and leave those for previous weeks of this and last year for com parison. Orr, John Claflln, John J. Total debt, this issue. It allowa interest at current ratea on deposit!.

All the officers of the company dtk re-elected at this week’s annual meeting, and in addition John II. Cottons for fall, such Trumbull County Road District No.

Consolidated Cotton Duck Co. Dodge Mississippi River Bridge Co. F id elity Land C o.