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However, I think that Frances Yates is probably a more rewarding author to start this descent. I thought to because there are lots of French phrases.

Views Read Edit View history. Foucault’s Pendulum is divided into ten segments represented by the ten Sefiroth. The interludes from his childhood serve as stark contrast to the mythical world of cults and conspiracies. This article is about the novel by Italian philosopher Umberto Eco. Too much extraneous information, too many digressions, too much detailed background information, and psndolo distract from the plot.


Maybe this will make me look stupid He leaves Italy to follow her and spends a few years in Brazil. A lot of fun until it crawled up its own ass.

Fouucault Pendulum goucault Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Her relationship with Casaubon falls apart, and he returns to Italy. At the meeting Belbo was reminded of the Colonel’s conspiracy theory by the words of a young woman who was apparently in a trance.


But for history largely European, late medieval to s. Ultimately, these cells will reunite to rediscover the Grail’s location and achieve world domination. As the story reached its climax, I found a flicker of interest, if only to see how you bring 7 This book starts so well.

At the library he meets a woman named Lia; the two fall in love and eventually have a child together. As with all prescribed texts, I can’t deny that I learned a lot.


Three friends play at conspiracy theory, in their hyper-cynical “The Plan” game, and gradually lose themselves in it. Even though the plot is good once it’s all laid out and unraveled, I still kind of wish I had never bothered. Casaubon soon learns that Diotallevi succumbed to his cancer at midnight on St. I liked the philosophical discussion of why we believe in things like Great Global Conspiracies. While in Brazil, Casaubon receives a letter from Belbo about attending a meeting of occultists.

And the greatest question of the novel: I think I did not read it, until when I am fully acquainted with foucaul controversy associated with the Templar that I can able to provide good judgement with this book. And, I am happy at last that I am done with this. Secret societies and webs of conspiracies?

Belbo tries to get help from De Angelis, but he has just transferred to Sardinia after an attempted car bombing, and refuses to get involved.


Have they stumbled onto great truth? This article is foucaullt a list format that may be better presented using prose. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A police inspector, De Angelis, interviews both men.

Definitely going in my unfinished pile. The problem is that Umberto Eco prefers to give history lectures instead of advancing the plot. She suggests that the document using the context of the language at penddolo time and the significance of roses in the city where the document was found is simply a delivery list of bunches of roses.

Entire chapters are dedicated to the meticulous and cerebral exploration of all manner of obscure topics which, while coucault relevant to the plot, completely derailed any sense of anticipation or tension that had been built up. However, I read it until the last pages.

Okay, okay, it was fun to learn a bit about every secret society of the past thousand years, but as a novel I settled for being wilfully foucaukt in many instances and got adept at allowing the obscurities wash over me page-by-page. I have no idea what I read.