It was installed in the bike I bought, but I didnt get a manual for it. I couldn’t find the PDF for the XRR Quicksilver (Edelbrock #) or ANY. Download Edelbrock quicksilver manual pdf. Windows BBS – Lenovo X61 battery plugged in, not charging ,. 0xB, Cannot destroy object created by. This is really new to me but I’m ready to get into it and get it right. I do have the manuals being sent from Edelbrock so they might help too.

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O’k, where is AAron or someone else who can tell me more about the carb that just showed up. Just shut off motor throttle wide open turn fitting one way quicksikver the other and test drive.

I bought a 38 MM because I needed to try something different. Good luck and let us know how it works. The time now is I just put one of these on my ’74, it is not a kicker though.

Tuning Edelbrock Quiksilver II duals – Club Chopper Forums

Thats what I know about that. I just found this post, looking for info on my Quik Silver on my 64 kicker. I will let you know. I will take a pick this weekend so maybe someone can look on one they know of. The representations expressed are the representations and opinions of the clubchopper. Old Bridge, NJ Posts: All times are GMT It had externally adjustable main jet.


I think they’re quite different. I din’t think the Edelbrock is a vacuum operated carb.

If you have not done so already call up Edelbrock and they are super helpful and will send you information on he carb for free. Register now for free! It does not eselbrock well and nobody we know has been happy with one.

Can’t wait to try the heads with WHo has one and do you have any tuning techniques.

Edelbrock Honda 99-LATER Instruction Supplement

The World’s largest and coolest place to be on the net if you dig the following! I completely forgot about that the emissions carb thing. You can see my take on that quicksolver after tuning several of them, in this thread, started by cadiero: Active Threads Evo cam swap Last Post: Great if ya go in the mountains alot. Maybe that’s why I remember hating them so much. Quicksilvr want to register an account for free right now!


I really like the design. It is not a performance carb. Supposedly they had been stock on a few Buells. Thank you for visiting the clubchopper. Check the Edelbrock site, quicksilvfr might have a manual online that can be printed. I was about to post a question about the Edelbrock carbs, but then I came across this thread.

You know whats weird is that I have one on my bike and it is great. It is “simular” in design to Mikuni HSR.


I am looking at the 38mm as well. However the car is really easy to tune. Not a plug but a red adjustment knob, but I have no idea what it’s for.

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a nightmare to tune, at least on a kicker. Lets go guys I need help on this one. With engine off throttle all the way open, with a slotted screwdriver turn a click or two, and test drive.

Tuning Edelbrock Quiksilver II duals. I just sniped an Edelbrock Quicksilver carb for my sporty.