Model EJAA, EJAA and. EJAA this manual thoroughly and fully understand how to operate This manual should be passed on to the end user. User’s manual • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJAA User Manual. View and Download YOKOGAWA EJAA user manual online. EJA Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters. EJAA Transmitter pdf manual.

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Engineering range D22, D If such modification is absolutely required, contact Yokogawa. Shut down the transmitter operation as follows.

This permits zero adjustment without using the BT EPS in Figure 9. EPS conditioned, and the output is limited with these upper and lower values. Absolute pressure and gauge pressure transmitters 76 pages. In order to avoid confusion, unnecessary Electric Corporation and Yokogawa Corporation marking is crossed out on the label other The ball-shaped ends of the pipes must be handled carefully, since they will not seal properly if the ball surface is scratched or otherwise damaged.

The plug attached is certificated as the flame proof IP67 as a part of this apparatus.

Screw each cover in tightly until it will not turn further. Check parameter values or pressure of liquids, gases, and steam, and also liquid change the setpoints as necessary.

The model name and specifications are indicated on the name plate attached to the case. The zero point adjustment can be made with a resolution of 0.


Yokogawa EJAA User Manual | Page 66 / 83 | Original mode | Also for: EJAA, EJAA

To prevent this, it will be necessary either to enclose the transmitter in ea110a box, or to connect a impulse piping to the low pressure side and insert its end into a windexcluding pot cylindrical with a base plate. T6, T5, and T4 Note 2. Read carefully before using the transmitter.

To prevent such problems, the process pressure taps must be angled as shown in Figure 5. Indication limits — to Diaphragm and other wetted parts.

Pressure Accessory – Vessel, Type of Fluid: The third figure from the last shows the last one figure of the year of production. Eja11a0 following three enter the setting. YES Is there any pressure leak? Change the unit from mmH2O to kPa. External zero is continuously adjustable with 0. Please note that the construction of the instrument, installation, external wiring, maintenance or repair is strictly restricted, and non-observance or negligence of this restriction would result in dangerous condition.

Since some problems have complex causes, these flow charts may not identify all. Preparation for Starting Operation Vertical impulse piping type, left side high pressure, process connector downside Allen wrenches 2 JIS Rja110a One each, nominal 3 and 5 mm Allen wrenches This subsection describes the procedure for replacing Wrench 1 Width across flats, 17 mm an integral indicator. Follow the figure below to make this change.

High pressure side is on the right side. Caution for CSA explosionproof type. Follow the instructions in section 9. Use proper tools for all operations. Connections of External Wiring to Terminal Box Using the external Adjust zero point using the zero- 0. Output terminal cable 5 Carefully pull the CPU assembly straight forward to remove it. Entering Digits, Symbols, and Spaces Simply press the alphanumeric keys.


EJAA Differential Pressure Transmitter | Yokogawa Electric Corporation

NO Fix eia110a leaks, paying particular attention to connections for impulse piping,pressure-detector section, etc.

Please contact Yokogawa for any repair or modification required to the instrument. In case of a failure, communication is disabled. To go back to the setting panel, press the NO key.

Save an inspection date of January 30, Wait until the pressure inside the pressure-detector section has stabilized before proceeding to the next step. Contact Yokogawa service sja110a. When a shrouding bolt is driven clockwise by an Allen wrench, it is going in and cover lock is released, and then the cover can be opened. Multivariable transmitter hart communication type 52 pages.

After two hours from when an error occurs, the error message of that error will be recorded.

User’s Manual Model EJA110A, EJA120A and EJA130A Differential

In case of its maintenance, soft and dry cloth is used. An Allen head bolts shrouding bolts are provided under edge of the each cover for locking. Y Long vent Total vent plug Length: Set a numeric value for engineering unit for 4 mA output LRV.