Pro-Action Sports Injury Clinic (PASIC): ELDOA Stretching and traction of the L4- L5 disc level. Years ago, I had a trainer come working for me who introduced me to ELDOA ( Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches, is taken from the French. Joe Yoon, LMT on Instagram: “L5-S1 Spinal Decompression Stretch [ELDOA] – ☝ ️ELDOAs were created by Guy Voyer a French Osteopath and are postural.

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The ELDOA Method: Unlocking Mobility & Improving Posture

ELDOA is a also a great method to supplement into physical therapy or clinical rehabilitation. Fusion of the vertebrae, whether congenital or from surgery, will increase the requirement of mobility and shock absorption from the joints above or below the fusion, thus increasing the likelihood of damage to the discs and tissues near the fusion.

Decompression can occur, but that is not always the case… this is discussed repeatedly in the certification course and Dr. This is a good example of what Jacob was referring to when he said that foam rolling is not myofascial release. Ready to Train with Dr. March 15, at Although Guy Voyer is known internationally for his osteopathic expertise, he considers himself first and foremost a trainer who wants to pass on his skills to the next generation.


Also, what about Rolfing? This segment is a commonly the source of reduced muscle and joint compliance into extension due to increased demands to maintain high resting levels of muscle tone as a result of overusing a forward head posture. Thanks for your work! I get great relief after the work out which lasts sstretching 24 hours. March 13, at March 11, at 3: I think there may be something to the aggressive rolling causing new scar tissue and pushing out hydration.

  AFR 127-100 PDF

Recovery is tied into progressing your fitness goals and this means understanding total daily and weekly demands. Having access to top tier postural exercises that you can do for yourself is a primary advantage of using the ELDOA method.

ELDOA and myofascial stretching – a new way to heal back pain

Four months ago, a guy knocked on my front door. What I always find fascinating is the honest most people are when realizing that part of their current struggle was their own doing. March 5, at 5: Myo fascial Stretching is one of the safest and most effective ways to create space and balance in the body. March 20, at 1: Most postures will have 4 transitions that progressively increase fascial tension and cause decoaptation at the desired spinal level.

For me foam rolling and active range of motion training is great but statick streching eodoa my body down. Perhaps I over pulled a muscle.

October 3, at March 12, at 2: I do both and you can totally work ELDOA in by sprinkling these throughout the day as movement “snacks”…super easy to squeeze in…. Disc hydration is an important and misunderstood factor in spinal health.

Classic case that could be relieved through the proper eldoa exercise. ELDOAs and Myofascial Stretches are very specific and complex techniques that require strong attention to form and correct progressions. Yes it would absolutely help. The ELDOA stretch for the T spine is truly the most universal of all the drills as its applicability can be seen across spectrum of upper and lower body requirements for healthy movement.

These classes will vary depending on the needs of those participating. It is in this state that nerve compression and inflammation are more likely to occur.


November 3, at 1: These classes are not based on eldoq formula. By attending the classes, you not only receive instruction from a certified instructor but the full hour dedicated to stretching enhances the many possible benefits including:.

The inflammatory and degenerative processes in the connecting structures relate to vertebral discs, ligaments, and joints located in the back of the vertebrae.

The goal of every Myofascial stretch is to put into tension the fascia that encases the muscles in order to normalize the length and function of the fascial chains. I tweaked my back awhile ago somewhere in the lumbar — sacrum area.

We can all agree that rest is required to progress and our neck is no srtetching of a body part that gets used daily. Reduced vertebral compression Improved circulation Spinal disc re-hydration Increased muscle tone and awareness. Liz Ann Kudrna August 28, at 6: Do not rely on the information provided as an alternative to medical advise from your doctor or other registered health care providers.

In many cases the forward head posture for both upper and lower dominant athletes is a source of increased shoulder and hip strain secondary to altering the shoulder and pelvic girdles posture. I have to say I do love that sttetching ball smashed into my gluts e,doa sadly, it might not be such a good idea: Ed DeBolt Jr says: After listening to this podcast I did an N of 1 experiment on myself and dropped foam rolling, smashing, etc.