5. MCQ of Ronnie Villamor 6. questions in electronics engineering by EXCEL 7. ECE handbook for electronics engineering by EXCEL 8. Electronics Principles by Albert Malvino 4. Guide book in Electronics Engineering by Ronnie Villamor 5. MCQ of Ronnie Villamor 6. 4 espulsi e gli altri a pulire le guide book in electronics engineering by ronnie villamor pdf di Roma. Word of the Year – Everything After Z by Dictionary.

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ECE Review Materials: ELECTRONICS

Electronics Communication Systems by Wayne Tomasi 6. Philippine Electronics Code 7.

Posted by Stephen Benito at 5: If you think that something is missing or not right to the list of books, you are free to comment. Guide book in Electronics Engineering by Ronnie Villamor 5. Some or maybe all of the ECE Review Centers only distributed their best materials 2 to 4 weeks before the board exam which is not enough to read all of those materials; therefore, you must read all of these books first before enrolling in any review center because majority of all those materials came from these books.


These method is already proven according to the other board passers because they this one and I agreed to it. You can also free to comment anything you want to the FAQ section. For me, the reason why some of us did not pass the exam is because we are not fully prepared before enrolling in any review center. For vollamor who are slow learners, I suggest that you enroll in any review center for the first 5 or 6 months and make your self review for the second 5 or 6 months.

For those who can’t afford to enroll in any review center, this is now the time to grab the opportunity to review because almost all of the recommended books are posted here. MCQ of Ronnie Villamor 6.

If you don’t have a time to read those books because of your hectic schedule, just answer the multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter for some books and at the end of the books for the other books and analyze each questions. Note that these books are highly recommended by majority of the board passers and other experts in ECE board board exam according to my research.


I can also update this one from time to time base from your comment and recommendation. They are only reshuffling the questions and put the highest possibility that will comes out to the board exam 2 to 4 weeks before the vilalmor exam base from ronnoe analysis to the previous board exams. Electronics Principles by Albert Malvino 4. Electronics Communication Systems by George Kennedy 7. Introduction to Communications System by Roy Blake 5.