Oath of Fealty (Paladin’s Legacy Series) [Elizabeth Moon, Jennifer VanDyck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the original trilogy starring . For the first time in nearly twenty years, Elizabeth Moon returns to the thrilling realm of her superb Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy. Thanks to. In Oath of Fealty, book one of Paladin’s Legacy, two neighboring realms each get a new king–and both kings face personal danger and social unrest.

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You probably noticed the new page, the Privacy Policy notice required by the EU. It was relatively simple town of maybecover local news but not local politics, we have a reporter assigned to that. He sends his old cohort, now headed by Jandelir Arcolin, on a contract back to Aarenis, Kieri’s previous area of campaigning, in order to raise funds and to reduce the strain on crops at home.

I wanted to give this a higher rating, but it felt like too much detail about too many different joon was squeezed into this one book.

Molly — three days ago. Well, I’ll have to call it a series, not a trilogy I guess. Thanks to Elizabeth Moon for her imagination and story telling. For dark forces are gathering against them, knit in a secret conspiracy more sinister and far more ancient than they can imagine. Some submissions, no publications.


Oath of Fealty

Two kings stand at a pivotal point in the history of their worlds. Invasions of iynisin, those ancient elven traitors, has led the lord of the western elves to demand that someone–someone human–wake the enchanted magelords in Kolobia and remove them, so that Dragon can remake the stone and once more imprison the iynisin. Typical Elizabeth Moon, this book had tons of detail in it of every day living, how to run an army, a Kingdom, a Dukedom.

I found myself enthralled, no only with the characters but also the world that had been created by the author, Elizabeth Moon. Keeping track of the details was another issue.

Oath of Fealty (Paladin’s Legacy, book 1) by Elizabeth Moon

Paks herself is in the background of the story showing up as a sort of bit player. Still, for fans of the original Paks series, I would definitely recommend giving this a go. I came mon and kibitzed. Other books in the series.

Apr 14, Mike the Paladin rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 3 comments. Speaking for myself, I enjoyed fo immensely. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. But at the moment, it’s mostly just there.

It’s not all women, but my favorite character was probably Dorrin – a somewhat-older, capable veteran who happens to be a woman. But on Midwinter Night, he is lured from the royal ossuary and confronted with ancient treachery that may keep him from fulfilling his destiny.


The magic elements are more pronounced in this book, which I enjoyed. Red dun, has the dark stripes. I can gulp an entire new book in one sitting again…. Now, twelve years after the publication of Sheepfarmer’s Daughter comes the Oath of Fealty, a return to that world. I had made a pact with Lois that I would write more stories and actually submit them, for a couple of years, before considering quitting writing again.

For now I won’t put it among my favorites. May 17, Holly Heisey rated it it was amazing.

Oath of Fealty by Elizabeth Moon | : Books

Upon thinking it over I came back and upped the rating to 5 stars. It felt very familiar as this one follows the cohort and plays to Moon’s writing strengths as she writes about the Company and the camaraderie amongst the soldiers.

Somewhere, in the boxes upstairs, I have the books of the Deed of Mopn, which directly precedes the story related in ‘Oath of Fealty’ and ‘Kings of the North’. Eoizabeth really never kept my interest. Thanks for telling us about the problem. What could she know?