I’m working on a Epiphone Valve Senior guitar amp that works fine I will try to attach a schematic with some voltages I measured added, but. Looking at the schematic I think you could borrow two 12AX7s from the Valve Sr to use as a preamp tube in the Valve Junior Reverb unit but. Download GIBSON EPIPHONE VALVE JR service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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I love the 6V6’s so I’ll probably try the Valve Senior when it hits the streets. Some people like to use as high as uf for the power amp C The first triode is the first gain stage, and the second triode, the second I have found that the Mullard and Tung Sol reissues sound far superior to any other tubes. Skipping on a bit, my first two suspects for causing oscillation esnior be a bad tube, and poor arrangement of the leads inside the amp, especially the OT output leads.

Carefully unplugged each wire 1 at a time, labeled snior routed as far from the board and each other as possible Except the pairs which I twisted together, then tightened each spade lug. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I don’t understand why it resets itself e;iphone I turn on and off the standby since the plate voltages don’t change with the drop off.

I’m just not happy with the tone now even after trying just about every mod out there. They just seem to “feel” better. With V1 and V2 removed, signal injected to C13, I have rerouted the output leads and tried holding them as far away from the power tubes as I could with no change.


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You can experiment with different values for that resistor, but i think 22K or 33K is where it’s at. So I checked the feedback and it appears to be correct as the output goes up when the feedback is removed Then I chased the schemqtic backwards.

Unless you meant to leave V3 in place I can’t get a signal out with input signal attached to C13 because V3 is removed. DC voltage remains steady on both plate and screen grids at and respectively with light bulb current limiter in line of the supply AC Heater voltage pin 2 or 7 referenced to ground starts at 3 Schemtaic until standby switch is turned off, then stays steady at 2.

View the Media Kit.

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As always any suggestions are much appreciated! I have a Valve Sr combo way out of warranty that the head sounds like the opening 10 minutes of “Saving Pvt. These amps can easily be transformed into little boutique monsters that will urinate all over just about zenior other amps in eoiphone Watt range.

You see if Enzo says something the rest of us just nod in sage silence, but really it’s what we’re all thinking Alas we still have some confusion about tube numbering.

This will smooth the AC hum, and keep your amp whisper quiet, even when “dimed”. Anyone an idea for a quick fix? Here’s the schematic again valveseniorjventura4bjpg voltages.

  AMD CS5535 PDF

When it is slowly turned up by either the gain or master volumes will cause the output to drop to near nothing with noticeable distortion.

This still allowed the amp to attenuate sharply at a nominal gain, which stays attenuated until I turn off the plate voltage with the standby switch, and turn it back on again. A quick fix would be just to replace the tank in the Valve Senior, just find the one that fits dimensionally and mounting https: How would I eliminate the PI section?

A handwired Senior with a handwired reverb on top is a nice dream rig.

Apr 2, 2. Are my concerns about using a scope on those high voltages warranted? Originally Posted by bigdrums I am running 2. Using a 12AT7 as a PI will compromise gain, but in return, your amp will have much more “touch sensitivity”‘ or “dynamic response”. Apr 2, 1. Originally Vqlve by Urinate Forever And wiklund is smart, i’m in agreement with him.

Skin and Language Theme: Well, do seniod anyway and tell us what happens, in full detail your posts are a bit shorthand tbh. Thanks for staying with me Mark. Even with pedals I’ve not really been able to get a decent tone. How exactly are you checking this?

Experience is something you get, just after you really needed it.