Eric Roberts Laithwaite was born in Atherton, Lancashire, the son of a farmer, and was educated at Kirkham Grammar School, the Regent Street Polytechnic and. For this second blog we’re going to look at an inventor, innovator and communicator of science on TV and in the classroom. Eric Laithwaite ( ) came to. Professor Eric Laithwaite, who died on 27 November , was a talented engineering maverick who spent much of his academic life investigating unusual .

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Precession of a gyroscope on an arm with a double pivot point. He teamed up with Bill Dawson, a fellow electrical engineer and businessman, and spent the last years of his life experimenting with a variety of complex gyroscopic rigs, finally proving to his satisfaction llaithwaite they laithwaiet produce “mass transfer” – a brand new thrustless propulsion system.

He died within weeks of the contract being awarded. October 2nd, at 5: He was involved in creating alithwaite self-stable magnetic levitation system called Magnetic river which appeared in the film The Spy Who Loved Me where it levitated and propelled a tray along a table to decapitate a seated dummy. His work on the Manchester Mark I computer earned him his master’s degree. Can you explain why the experiments and demonstrations that Professor Laithwaite did are considered to not be true anti-gravity?

Fascinating post Colin, thanks. He wanted to chat about ideas for talking backwards. Armed with all of this background knowledge, in I recorded an archival interview with him in his lab office in Electrical Engineering.


Although Laithwaite laothwaite best known for his ideas concerning gyroscopes, he also held an idea concerning moths. Precession of a Victorian gyroscope. A co-worker had posted the video demonstration of a large gyro wheel on face book, and after seeing it immediately I had ideas laithwalte my head.

August 29th, at Laithwaite retired from Imperial College inbut was offered no other research post untilwhen he became Visiting Professor at the University of Sussex.


Anyway, I am sorry if you already know all this. This explanation did not account for where the necessary energy might come from — a matter later taken up by P.

As you may know, he moved his research work to Sussex University just prior to his death, so maybe look there? I was one of eric laithwaites sceintific engineering children in the sixties and i have dedicated my life to the subjects he studied.

If my laitywaite serves me correctly it included using a linear induction set of coils to fire a small spear across the front of the lecture theatre, ending up impaled in a block of wood strategically placed to receive it. Newton’s laws can be applied to angular motion in 3-D and an important relationship obtained This formula governs gyroscopic motion and is one of the tools used to explain what is happening in Laithwaite’s videos.

Eric Laithwaite – Wikipedia

He spent the next few years immersing himself in the specialised world of gyroscopes, gradually convincing himself that they did break known scientific laws, and that they might be a hitherto unrecognised source of preternatural power. He also worked at applying linear motors on the Tracked Hovercraft until its cancellation.


May 12th, at 4: Since that time every RI Christmas lecture has been televised. This article needs additional citations for verification. The repeated experiments and explanations of the motion can be found via the links below.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The tape is very worn and we would like to get a copy on DVD if possible. April 10th, at 6: How do I know all this you may ask? Eric Laithwaite was an absolute genius in the way he entertained and educated his audience. February 28th, at Colin Grimshaw circled at the RI Although he mixed effortlessly with the high and mighty he was a friend of the Prince of Wales – “I taught him everything he knows about laithwqite, he once remarkedhe never abandoned his Lancastrian roots and vowels.

There was only a limited power supply available at amps or so, and they had no continuous control of the voltages.