Fordere den Downloadlink fr das universelle U18 Formular (Muttizettel)einfach per EMail Flle die FormularFelder bequem in dem PDFFormularaus u. Fordere den Downloadlink für das universelle U18 Formular („Muttizettel“) einfach per E-Mail und melde Erziehungsbeauftragung / Muttizettel / Aufsichtszettel. 5. Nov. Title: Formular Erziehungsbeauftragung korr. Author: Tamara. This PDF document has been generated by RAD PDF / RAD PDF

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Also, the options within each menu level have extra classes describing their place in the menu structure: Read the Developer’s Guide for more information on how to construct a Layout from scratch.

This document will be updated whenever needed to reflect any changes or additions. Schreiben Sie den ersten Kommentar! There is no limit to the number of layouts or style groups available on an XTC template. There are two erziehungsbeauftraguny of Parameter Groups: If you are a Template Developer, there is still more useful information available for you in the Developer’s guide.

Regions can also be controlled from the fronted of your Template by adding a custom url code to your menu path: In the case of XTC templates, you will have access not only to the regular parameters of the template but also to “Parameter Groups” that control the XTC framework as well. This is the hierarchy of parameters in an XTC template: Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. The code above contains only appearance formatting and most of the time it is what you will be interested in the necessary code for the menu structure is already built for you on the template “default.


Suckerfish, DualFish, and Dropline.

28.12. Das War’s 2018 / FSK16 / Club Savoy

Component Display On certain scenarios, you might want to control the display of Joomla! Sie sollten eine Vorbildfunktion einnehmen und bewusst auf Alkohol verzichten.

Of course, they can all be adjusted individually. If the CSS base code is essentially the same, having multipe xml files allows you formulxr have multiple sets of parameter values for a single group.

As a best-practice, the recommended place to store all your custom CSS code is the “template. Each Style Group has a short prefix assigned in the template parameters, and all files related to the group must be named using the same prefix. The hability to configure each Style group individually and being able to choose from them in the layout allows you to change your entire website design with just a few clicks. The nature of Style Groups allows you to expand the configuration options even more: If you place your mouse over the left side of the parameter a tooltip will appear displaying the folder name where the images are located.

Der Club muss diese Ausnahmeregel akzeptieren.

Muttizettel/Partyzettel Download

Ja, ich bin mindestens 16 Jahre alt. XTC Framework also includes column parameters for regions with multi column based layouts.

The easiest way to create a new layout is to make a copy of an existing layout folder with a different name. Please pay attention to the information on parameter tooltips.

Gegen Mitternacht geht sie meistens erst so richtig los. Read below for a description of each option. Among its features are: Watch out for the next follow up single from Mike Candys. As any other Joomla! XTC supports an unlimited number of layouts per template.


In the next examples, we will use a Style Group identified with the prefix “theme” that is intended to control the overall color appearance of our template.

Vivamus eros urna, semper ac, commodo a, porta sed, enim. In order to achieve this, several files located in the “css” folder of the template are called in the following order:. Lastly, the classes “active” and “parent” further identify the currently active menu option and options containing child submenus respectively.

XTC will keep a separate copy of the values for each set and will automatically select the correct one depending on the option selected in the layout.

Menu Effects and Styling By default XTC framework provides special styling enhancements and sliding animation effects support for three menu types: One thing to consider is that the parameters can be different from template to template since they are ultimately decided by the template developer in first place, however there are simple rules that apply to all of them.

The xml parameter files of a single group will be shown together like in the following image: The different Style groups help not only to ease the management of parameters but also provide increased flexibility by allowing you to combine them.