Previously I have always used Eurolites and have been disappointed by the deflectors – easy to follow the instructions & position correctly (seemed easier than. Travelspot Travel Spot Eurolites N Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe With so many different headlight design it is hard to have clear instructions. Eurolites Headlamp Beam Deflectors Safely Deflects Headlamp Beam when HID Headlamps Contains Comprehensive Fitting Instructions for + Vehicles.

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Travel Spot – Eurolites Headlamp Beam Adaptors

No idea about the fitting of these but cannot imagine they will work properly as the Fiat headlight protectors have the position and shapes marked on them. Latest list of vehicles Please fit as follows: I’d rather stick something on the headlights to keep the police happy and be able to see where I’m going, than hope that using the beam-angle adjusters for a purpose they weren’t designed for is considered ‘legally OK’, but not be able instruftions see more than a few metres in front of my vehicle.

How to use the Fitting Leaflet Car Bulbs with Blue Tint.

View How to remove the Adaptors after your trip View Watch all 5 Quick Fit Videos Lord of the posts Posts: Would just stick them on in rough postion and forget it. Sorry I have to say this: V About 4 years ago I raised this point at a local police station. Derek Uzzell – 8: Latest list of vehicles We trust the above information will allow you to successfully apply your Eurolites, but please email us at help travelspot.

View Latest Fitting Information 1. They are counterfeit… so please: My main concern was safety and do not want to dazzle road users on the “wrong” side of the road. Rant over and my intention isn’t to offend instruvtions just respond to what I felt was an over the top put down, not just a personal opinion which I would accept as being just that.


The Fiat position is instructlons easiest to fit as it is on the centre line of the bulb with the top instrictions the disc half way over the bulb. As a matter of interest i bought some eruolites protectors a couple of years ago from “Formula4”. Even if your fitting-instructions cover your Boxer and you position the deflectors exactly where the instructions say, it wouldn’t surprise me if the effect were less than ideal. They are not made from the eurolitex high quality material and therefore result in a loss of headlamp beam intensity.

We trust the above information will allow you to successfully apply your Eurolites, but please email us at help travelspot. View Latest Fitting Information Latest list of vehicles Generally, the Adaptor will fit in the same position NOT the opposite position on each of the two Headlamps. I have the new shaped Peugeot with the high wurolites headlight.

Car Bulbs by Fitment. Ticket Clip – Ticket Holder. I bought eirolites same kit from Halfords to fit to our X Knaus Boxstar Street. Canada Goose Jasse bodywarmer.

Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning | VW California Owners Club

Vernon B – 6: I have to say if you are talking about way2go post then you seem to be completely ignorant about what they are.

View How to apply the Adaptors using your Fitting Diagram When buying this product, why not consider the new DriveRight – Lane Safety Device, this device acts as a constant reminder to help keep you on the right side of the road when driving in Europe. It was suggested that, if UK traffic police were granted similar powers to Continental authorities to impose on-the-spot fines, there would be greater motivation to concentrate on such offences. Consequently, when driving on the right in Europe your headlamps will shine into oncoming traffic.


I followed the instructions but wasn’t entirely happy with the result. Hi, As Rupert says with the Fiat headlight protectors, they have the marks where you fit the reflectors.

Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning

Eurolutes also asked about this at a local VOSA roadside-check centre inshructions was advised that they looked for evident vehicle lighting defects on foreign vehicles eg. On our recent continental trip we were never out after dark.

Possibly the easiest way to find the correct position for the bender is to contact your local commercial MOT station and, if you’re lucky, they will invite you in and will check the lights and show you where to put the sticky stuff.

Send them back to the seller and demand a refund. By a process of experimentation it will be possible to find the optimum position for the Adaptor.

Log in to the Forums. Lives on the forums Posts: Deflector or mask does not matter which both are only a compromise but you have made the effort.

Ticket Clip – Ticket Holder. I was talking about the stick on deflectors.

OK I’m outnumbered, it was meant to be a light hearted jest, not meant to upset anyone please take this as an apology. These copies are proving dangerous because: For French motorists driving in UK.

Failure to adapt your headlamps will render your vehicle unfit for the road and could leave you open to prosecution.