In this book, John Watson particularly focuses on various subtle move-orders by which Black can try to avoid White’s most dangerous systems and direct the. All about The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Gambit Chess publication: The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson.

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Bg4 led to the development of the Modern Main Line, 7.

The GAMBIT Guide to the Modern Benoni : John Watson :

The opening regained some more of its former respectability when Vladimir Kramnikneeding a win with Black against Peter Lekoplayed it in the second to last game of the World Championship. The point of the check is that both Famous examples include his game against Bukhuti Gurgenidze at the USSR championship, excerpted belowand his win against Yuri Averbakh at the same tournament the following year.

Nf3 to avoid the Taimanov, while choosing an entirely different opening against 3. Veselin Topalov was the only top-level player to play it regularly, and he too generally preferred the Bf4 in order to strengthen the threat of e2-e4-e5.

The Nimzo-Indian defense is a common transposition in the Modern Benoni occurring in nearly half of all games played with that openingand is essential for any Modern Benoni player to know well.


Why did you write this?

The variation with 7. The idea here is to play exd5 cxd5 d6, which gives a semi open e-file. Watson explains the standard plans very well in the introduction, but its still a mess. The strength of White’s knight on c4 often induces Black to exchange it off: Other common alternatives are:.

However, the development of the knight to e2 venoni out the Nf3-d2-c4 manoeuvre, so Black is able to get quick counterplay on the queenside with ideas like This lets white play a pawn break of f2-f4.

Whose Boat Is This Boat? You should add diagrams for the positions, and your missing the standard modern benoni, which is what you should expect most of the time, also snake benoni.

The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson (2001, Paperback)

Its subsequent adoption by players of a similarly aggressive and uncompromising style such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov established the opening’s reputation as one of Black’s most dynamic responses to 1. Be the first to write a review. I like the idea that Watson also used in his previous book about the French Defence. This can also be combined with h5-h4 and Nf6-h5-f4.

Nf3 c5 will both transpose into the Modern Benoni if White allows it with 4. A famous example of the e4-e5 break leading to moddrn kingside attack occurred in the game Penrose —Tal from the Leipzig Olympiad.

The author of this new book from Gambit is known by his fine articles and books. Frank Marshall invented the Modern Benoni inbut his experiments with the opening went largely ignored for over 20 years. This book gives a lot of new ideas, and in some of the variations there is still a lot of work to do.


Modern Benoni

Thank you, I found your introduction interesting and worth the read. The Modern Benoni is a chess opening that begins with the moves 1.

But in the early s, White scored several crushing victories at high-profile tournaments using the aggressive Taimanov Attackwhich caused players to question the fundamental soundness of Black’s opening. In the resulting positions Black has found it difficult to generate any winning chances, and even finding equality has not been a simple task.

It is also the prelude to a variation championed by Rainer Knaak[] [] Aug 2, The Benoni is an advanced opening that requires players to constantly be aware of the potential of all pieces, especially the threat of pawn breaks. Nh5 is with Save on Other Books Trending price is based on prices over guude 90 days.

Instead White may try to exploit Black’s early