Kameron Hurley’s God’s War arrives into this melee like a live grenade, lobbed with abandon and not a little mischief. It is a book in which the. God’s War: Bel Dame Apocrypha Volume 1 [Kameron Hurley] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nyx had already been to hell. One prayer. I didn’t have to wait very long for the—as the guidelines for the That Was Awesome series phrase it—“small and/or crystallizing.

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Nyx aside, the biggest strength of God’s War is the interesting and unique world building. In Nasheen, women are effectively in charge because virtually every semi-adult male has been shipped off to the war front.

Cancer is rampant among those lacking the means to prevent it and ethnic minorities are discarded. It’s when authors or directors decide they’re going to capitalize on a trend provide a strong female role model–and they do so by casting a skinny white girl in a tank top, and telling her to look brooding.

Nyx had already been to hell. However, they are only one part of the story.

God’s War – Kameron Hurley | Paper Knife

This makes it a little lumpy in structure at times: The ‘verse Hurley has created here is novel, populated by pitiless, practical people. Just wanted to tag on a comment on one point: Although the plot is fast-paced, action-heavy and twisty, it’s really secondary to seeing inside the characters’ heads, most particularly Nyx and her bug-magician, Rhys. Nyx is a for Nyx had already been to hell. Yes, this is my first complaint because I had hoped for more, far more detail.

So, there you have it: That let me spend more time admiring the uniqueness of the world and, more than anything, the characters. Somehow she retains humanity and a modicum of vulnerability that strikes the perfect tone in her interactions with Rhys who functions as the literary foil to Nyx.

At the centre of the story is Nyx, formerly a bel dame or, if you like, government-sponsored assassin, who now works as a bounty hunter, along with a hand-picked team, mostly people she has poached from other bounty hunters. This is a bloody, awful world, vividly drawn, and pretty close to fascinating. Kosh, for example, moves boy children to safety in other countries using a network of brothels.


The ending for me, though, was stellar. Hurley sets the stage, moves her beautiful characters across it, and leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions. On a hardscrabble alien world populated with what humanity becomes in the far future, a long holy war rages. Bought it cheap for the kindl Nice review. Nyx is a hardened assassin in a world where winning fights and being tough is a necessity, and is put into a position where she is essentially forced to take on an assassin job from the queen – one that she basically needs to take to clear herself from past problems.

One suspects this will come to the fore again in the sequel.

Just found out that the novel has been nominated for a Nebula for Best Novel inso seems hurleu a good time as any to say a few things abou http: The number who make it are few. This is one book I would have benefited by reading on Kamern with Wikipedia at hand. Like a deadly, drunken Rachel Green minus the nose job. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

The novel went from burdensome to snappy. This feels like lazy writing, if not appropriation. All I know is that the religion is vaguely inspired from Islam, it borrows some characteristics like clothing hijabs are mentioned but is not Islam.

Not enough insect limbs. The magic elements are completely unique. Gritty and noirish, the book takes place in the far future on the harsh, colonized world of Umayma.

God’s War : Bel Dame Apocrypha Book 1

This book was the first one I picked up as part of the Booktubeathon and I have to say it’s well worth reading. I love this for being different, for being new, for never taking me where I expected. Particularly Nyx and Rhys’ relationship felt unique, in its details, to this place and these circumstances.

Were the sisters chasing Nyx actually related to her? Book ratings by Goodreads. Mar 20, Regina rated it really liked it Recommended to Regina by: He had stayed as far from the todswar clouds as possible, but when he stumbled through Chenja and hurpey the nearest Nasheenian border town, he was hacking up his lungs in bloody clumps and his skin burned and bubbled like tar. Nasheen’s queen is as calculating and perfidious as any man, her legion of bel dames, government assassins who track down deserting males bringing home toxins from the front, as corrupt as the worst all-male mafia.


This is not a full review as I read this books months ago, it is sort of a remembering.

Hjrley a world, however, would be a sterile read no m Any world where you want a healthy population of roaches in your kitchen and bathroom is akmeron interesting in the hands of a good writer. Unfortunately, the character work was done with a much heavier hand, and I found myself impatient with a lot of it. It is this last, and most mysterious, of Hurley’s creations which is most closely related to the McGuffin which drives the novel’s plot.

God’s War – Kameron Hurley

Quotes from God’s War. I was actually hooked by the 2nd in the series for this and another on Night Shade Books the publisher has my number when it comes to whatever it is that catches my eye with cover pictures. It feels as though in places it has been patched together.

But if you are looking for complicated, unusual fantasy with a fast-moving plot, give this a try. The Best Books of Those that refuse become fair game for teams like Nyx’s to be hunted down, killed, and turned in for monetary reward. Kameron Hurley does an amazing job creating a very realistic dystopian setting. Nov 05, Eh? To the first point, Hurley’s primary characters are the aforementioned Nyx and Rhys.