The Library of America’s “Story of the Week” this week ( org/) is Ring Lardner’s famous “Haircut,” a kind of dramatic. Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling. Nine years later, Lardner would feature the same character, “mindless chatter and all,” in his most well-known and anthologized story, “Haircut.”.

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Long-winded and repetitive for what it is. He was the coroner. You can imagine that Jim used to have all kinds of fun with Paul. Hod Meyers kept rubbin’ it into Jim about how the Doc had cut him out. Henry Award Stories 1 O.

I said I thought he was all right at heart, but just bubblin’ over with mischief. If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling a meandering story, this story provides the end I’ve been waiting for.

Apr 10, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: She hircut never understand Jim. Jan 03, Kurt Lorenz rated it really liked it.

This incremental story, building by association, works on the reader’s sense of irony at every turn. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. HaircutRing Lardner. Jim was a sucker to leave a new beginner have his gun, let alone a half-wit. Dec 31, Sevgi rated it liked it Shelves: He was, when he worked, a travelling salesman for a canning factory whose hobby was to note the names and addresses as he rode the train through other small towns; he would then write postcards to these strangers, signed “A Friend,” with messages like “Ask your Missus who kept her from gettin’ lonesome the last time you were in Carterville” or “Ask your wife about that book agent that spent the afternoon last week,” relishing such mean tricks without bothering to know the outcome of them.


Jun 02, Caroline rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stair who has just come to town. He said they couldn’t nothin’ hurt her and nobody would see her and he just must talk to her a little w’ile. Reading Alice Munro’s “Family Furnishings”.

Father of author Ring Lardner Jr. And now Jim said he was canned himself. Haircut is a short story written by Ring Lardner.

Haircut by Ring Lardner

Paul and old John was down on the shore of the lake. Jim didn’t pay no attention to the kiddie’ and you could see he was plannin’ one of his jokes.

Jonathan Yardley, in his authoritative biography of Ring Lardner, mentions a newspaper column by Lardner that appeared on January 6, A small town barber in an unnamed town near Carterville tells his customer who is new in the town about a Jim Kendall.

This place is jampacked Saturdays, from four o’clock lardnerr. Retrieved from ” https: It ain’t no job that anybody would fight for and what a man makes out of it in a year would just about buy seeds for their garden.

But it was a kind of a delicate thing, because if it got out that he had beat Jim up, Julie was bound to hear of it and then she’d know that Doc knew and of course knowin’ lardnrr he knew would make it worse for her than ever. In fact, they are in collusion, for the barber’s ability to share Kendall’s escapades elevates them past gossip to town history; that such events are what should attract his audience to move to this town suggests that the reader, too, is being appealed to directly and, should he continue the story, contributes both to further acts of Kendall and further stories of the barber.

The lake where Jim and Paul had went shootin’ is on John’s place. A small town barber shares with a new comer the local happenings of the community including practical jokes, romance and infidelity, and an accidental shooting maybe murder.

Haircut (short story) – Wikipedia

Jim didn’t deny nothin’ and kind of laughed it off and said for us all to wait; that lots of people had tried to make a monkey out of him, but he always got even. Stair’s, he calls Julie when lardnner knows the doctor is out of town. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.


Her mother was a kind of a half invalid and didn’t hardly ever leave the house. Personally I wouldn’t never leave a person shoot a gun in the same boat I was in unless I was sure they knew somethin’ about guns.

When Doc first come to town, Paul seemed to feel like here was a real friend and he hung round Doc’s office most of the w’ile; the only time he wasn’t there was when he’d go home to eat or sleep or when he seen Julie Gregg coin’ her shoppin’.

But she broke loose and before he could stop her, she run in the next room and locked the door and phoned to Larner Barnes. Well, it was a couple days later when Jim was here in the shop again, and so was the cuckoo. So I’d say, “No, Jim, but you look like you’d been drinkin’ something of that kind or somethin’ worse.

Haircut (short story)

When somebody comes in Doc Stair’s office, they’s a bell that rings in his inside office so he can tell they’s somebody to see him. They was no answer and it must of came to her all of a sudden that she’d been bunked. They cost pretty near twice as much, but they fit a whole lot better hajrcut if you just bought them in a store.

Refresh and try again. Itoka rated it liked it Mar 05,