The website maintained by Carl Deuker, award-winning young adult sports within the next year in sixth grade, I found your book “Heart of a Champion. Heart of a Champion. by Carl Deuker. Seth Barnam was only seven when his father died and accepting that loss was difficult. Seth wasn’t really interested in. Seth is an average teenage kid that really doesn’t know where to fit in. His father died when he was 7 so he lives with his mother. His best friend.

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Winter seems to have a drinking problem and his wie didn’t like it so they got a divorce. The Heart of a Champion is great book about to boys named Jimmy and Seth. You wrote about the students on high school making them sound like teenagers I know.

While I am not sure which of these two works came out first, have u ever had Seth and Jimmy compared to the 2 main boys in that movie? Is built kinda of like Seth. They started off slow but when Jimmy joined he turned everyone’s attitude around because of his worth ethic and how good he was. Thank you once again for this amazing work.

It had a lot of meaning to it. My son asked me to read this book after he finished it, and I was surprised.

Heart of a Champion – Carl Deuker – Google Books

Jimmy is introduced champoin the reader when Seth was walking od the park and Jimmy asked him if he wanted to play catch with him and his dad. Life includes many triumphs as well as challenges. Through reading this book I have learned is not to take stuff lightly. This compelling tale will especially appeal to boys with an interest in baseball, but girls will also enjoy this fast moving story of a forever kind of aa. Also, he never had more than 3 characters in a chapter for the most part, so it was easy to follow and never was confusing.


The plot of this book begins with a kid by the name of Seth talks about how is father is dead and tells how he died.

With both chapion on the team, their school excels, but then Jimmy’s home life begins to unravel. When Jimmy and Todd got busted for drinking I thought it was crazy, and after Todd vhampion but Jimmy continued and I really kept reading because Todd busted Jimmy for being hungover and I wanted to see if they would become friends again.

Thematic Connection The theme of this story was loyalty because the friends stick together and gpt in the playoffs.

Heart of a Champion By: Carl Deuker by Matthew Farner on Prezi

Ages thirteen through eighteen would be a suitable age for this book. Deuker takes the time to introduce the reader to the main characters. On and off the field, their passion for the game gets them throughsome of life’s bittersweet struggles and unites them in a once in a lifetime friendship that is meant to last forever.

Then one day Seth’s freshman year Jimmy is at his school. They lived in Redwood City, Los Angeles.

Another year goes by and after all three of them practicing really hard they all make varsity. Dfuker thought it was really interesting how much Seth improved and how he was on the same Major’s team as Jimmy his second year. Lately, the emptiness has been very present as I think about the man my father was and how he took care of a family and did everything the man of the house should do.


While he was there he saw a father and his son. This morning I finished it after 3 days of reading and I remembered why I loved it so much.

The night before there second to last game Seth got a call in the middle of the night from his friend saying Jimmy was at a party and crashed his car on the way home and was in the hospital. They both live and breathe baseball.

Carl Deuker’s Official Website

Sometimes I got confused reading this book, but I did like it since baseball is my favorite sport. And when it came to High School baseball and all the High School drinking and kids getting in trouble, it got interesting because some of the best players on the team were getting suspended.

As both boys endure their journey to becoming the best baseball players they can be, they both face hardships.

The action in the book is so cool and it teaches you a lot about base ball, but the sadness in the book can take over cael action if you are really emotional. They destroyed them in a win. After the last game of the regular season Jimmy, Todd, and a couple other guys decide to go to Huddart park and celebrate by drinking beer.

For more information, click a link below. My story actually begins when I was 11 years old in fifth grade. Jimmy is kinda of a hothead but he wants what’s best for Seth. Jimmy and his mother move away and Seth is heartbroken that he just lost his best friend. Jimmy died that night.