Installation tutorial. Installing hMailServer. This page describes the required. System requirements. Operating system. hMailServer can be installed in the. Manually set hMailServer language. Overview. In the hMailServer installation .

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Normally, you will want to connect to localhost.

For an email server to work properly, it needs to know its public name on the Internet. What translations are available?

Depending if its amnual or not then I’ll do a perl script to generate it from the webpages theres quite a good pdf writer module in perl that I really need to learn to use for work so would be a good excuse. Should you hmailsfrver wish to use it, you can select one of the following database engines: For hMailServer to work properly, automatic virus scanning of the hMailServer Data directory must be disabled.

Manually set hMailServer language. Click Save The next step is to hamilserver accounts to your server. If you do this, it is recommended that you configure hMailServer to launch your virus scanner whenever a new e-mail is received.

Confirm that the settings are correct and then click Install to do the installation. Save the file in the hMailServer Languages directory, typically C: If you plan to use hmailservet hMailServer password changer plugin or auto-reply plug-in with SquirrelMail, you will need SquirrelMail 1.

Since there is no good way for software to automatically detect the public host name of the computer where it is running, you need to tell hMailServer what public hostname to use.

Installation tutorial

The next step is to read the license agreement. Generally, these warnings appear if an unofficial certificate is used on the server.


It is possible to install hMailServer on removable devices, but you will not be able to run hMailServer from the device on another computer. Troubleshooting In most cases where users report problems with hMailServer installation and configuration, the problem is not in the hMailServer set-up but with network settings, firewalls, DNS configuration and other external software. If you can connect, port 25 is not blocked; if you can’t, port 25 is blocked.

Overview This page describes the basics of configuring hMailServer.


By default, hMailServer comes with 2 different IP ranges. Double-click on the “localhost” host name to connect to the hMailServer instance running on localhost. Unless you’re hmailwerver old email clients with a lack of features, you should never have to modify these. I guess I could upgrade this tool to create a PDF file as well.

The hardware requirements are very much dependent on the number of users.

If at first you don’t succeed, bomb disposal probably isn’t for you! The file you download has a name of the form hMailServer-version-build.

Select which components you want to install and click Next. Say that you’re the owner of the domain something.

Install Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the setup. After the files have been installed, you need to provide the installation program with a main hMailServer password.

Installation tutorial – hMailServer – Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

Download The first step is of to download hMailServer. Should you not wish to use it, you can select one of the following database engines:. Screen resolution The administration program for hMailServer, hMailServer Administrator, requires a screen resolution of x or above. MX stands for Mail eXchanger.

Archiving Emails from hMailServer – MailStore Server Help

Overview In the hMailServer installation, only two languages are included – swedish and english. Start Notepad, and paste all the strings into that program.

NetLimiter works incorrectly with other software as well including software from Microsoft so it should never be installed on the same computer as hMailServer. Select manuall destination folder and click Next. MailStore Server offers several ways to archive emails from hMailServer mailboxes, which are described below. Notice that every language is separated by majual. The password can be anything you like as long as it’s longer than 5 characters.


The archiving process can be hmailswrver manually or automatically. It is recommended that you hmailservee the latest stable version. IP ranges are used in hMailServer to specify who should be allowed to send email through your server. You can configure hMailServer to save a copy of every e-mail send and received through the system in an additional mailbox. This means that some parts of the user interface will still be shown in english. This is the stable versionchecked on 26 June Since it’s almost always possible to send email through your ISP’s email server, this is a workaround if port 25 maual blocked.

Configuring IP ranges IP ranges are used in hMailServer to specify who should be allowed to send email through your server. The latest available Windows service pack must be installed. It does not include information on how to set up virus scanners or spam protection. The hMailServer Team has tried to get an explanation from Locktime Software about this but has not received any. While there are no technical problems with using a language which is only hmailservrr translated, it may be confusing when some strings are in one language and other strings in another language.