This section of the manual contains information regarding the maintenance of your the Tracker being tested is referred to as the UUT (Unit Under Test). HUNTRON INSTRUMENTS, INC. TRACKERĀ® OPERATOR MANUAL. OCTOBER P/N Huntron and TrackerĀ® are registered trademarks. provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to The Huntron Tracker is ideal for troubleshooting Manual or AutoScan. High Range Lockout.

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Power-off PCB Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Tools

I thought the huntron tracker is a curve tracker. BK Precision User Manual. You state you have had 20 technician’s job’s, hunntron i think it reasonable to assume for example you know how a Zener diode works?

The octopus circuit’s look simple, but there must be load’s of way’s to really make a good tester. Devices like an Octopus or Huntron Tracker offer up approximations. Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable. Welcome to our site! Billy Mayo Member Dec 19, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

I guess if you lower the current enough and have enough adjustment, then the tracer would be great for tracing shorts? One day, you should ask him to demonstrate his technique. Service and User Manual.

The Signatures of a curve tracer and the Signatures from a huntron track is the same right? Can’t I just use a AC power supply, 6. Non- Linear resistance in series c. Or i can use the lecroy and dump it all into matlab via GPIB build the graph huntrkn that.


Huntron Tracker – Circuit Analyzers

I was livid over that. Going to be a hell of a learning experience for you. If you are considering the purchase of a Huntron Tracker, be sure to examine what your test needs require.

That would really help you learn and understand this type of testing. Google of scope octopus? Service and User Manual Pages: I spent a number of years characterizing diodes. The early Huntron units were based on an oscilloscope octopus circuit.

I know the Huntron manual has a lot of signature pictures and examples. I had assumed that dad had given back the laptop he had got from the university it’s got loads cool software onbut he slipped up and i found out he still has it!!! This was caused by the horizontal voltage scale being too high the LOW range voltage was 10Vpk making the horizontal scale 2. That would be more productive for you.

What can you do on a curve tracer than you can’t do on the Huntron Tracker ? The Tracker is a general purpose troubleshooting test instrument. Forums New posts Search forums. You must log in or register to reply here.

S you have one axis displaying???????? I yet to never had my hands on a curve tracer, but the huntron track is a curve hhuntron right? These test leads plug into the front panel test jacks of the Tracker and have special tips that allow contact with very small component terminals and printed circuit board traces without the danger of touching adjacent component leads and terminals.

Only downside is it will take a fair bit of planning before i can get the soldering iron out! What is the name when there is an internal huntorn resistor with a diode?



Replacement Transformer Started by ncag Today at amnual Reading the manual won’t hurt either. Thread starter Billy Mayo Start date Dec 18, Your little diode test doesn’t measure leakage current, CAN help determine if it’s leaky. As for knowing when you have a defective component, you could answer this one yourself. People were building their own octopus circuits long before Huntron commercialized the things and put them in a small chassis box.

Long way to go yet, not sure how i am going to do the DAC part, but probably drive it all from a 30f with the speed turned up. What is the mwnual resistance call that is internal of the diode? Next year Ron i want to make one that will act more like a tracer, I started a few weeks ago planning it out. A good curve tracer does a hell of a lot more. So I am thinking, Textronix or more likely the wayne kerr analogue scope would prefer the wayne as it’s never used, just cant remember if it has GPID.

Pioneer Elite vsxtx water damage no power Started by Watin Today at Very handy bit of kit, i like using it for sorting zener manhal and finding suspect components. The Huntron Tracker was the longtime mainstay of the Huntron benchtop product line.