Construction. Iometer consists of two program components: Iometer GUI is a control program with a user interface, which controls one or. I was working on some documentation for a client and started thinking back on how long we have been using IOMeter — my best guess is since. Iometer started life as a utility built by Intel to generate and measure i/o loads. It was released by them under the Intel Open Source License.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I need one more detail. So for testing this type of server, we might select an access specification that performs percent read operations with zero-percent randomness.

Testing raw, unpartitioned drives or arrays is faster, and we’re told that performance results are the same either way.

No search term specified. A new version of the spec will appear at the bottom of the list. Select Worker 1and then select the drive. Now navigate to the Start menu and fire up Iometer.

It is a great tool.

To see how your system is performing in realtime, click the “Results Display” tab and move the “Update Frequency” slider above, right all the iometwr to the left. Traffic on the current site is heavy and is expected to double in a year.


If the defaults are used from the. Will the machine process transactions fast enough for the intended database application?

Iometer – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki

The second license agreement will show, but only the first time you launch. Looking for quality servers? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A primer on measuring maximum transaction rate and throughput with with free benchmarking tool IOmeter.

IOMeter first prepares a file for use by the test. Click Next and the first of two license agreement prompts will then display: To select specs for use in tests, simply drag one or more into the left-hand pane, under “Assigned Access Specifications.

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For example, if we’re setting up a media server, we know that the majority of users will be accessing media files that have been stored in large, contiguous blocks and are being read sequentially as they’re streamed to clients. Select Disk Targets Once you’ve installed and launched the program, IOmeter displays the disk targets tab above.

All of the tests in Open unofficial storage thread are conducted using a tool called IOMeter. News Data-center IT Leaders: Homepage This page’s url is: Accepting this name will create a CSV file or append results to an existing one. For now, tutorail should be in its default setting of 1.


Under the Access Specifications tab, select a test and click Add. Retrieved from ” https: Therefore, if you need to use a different size, you must do the following: There are downloads for Linux, Netware, and Windows.

Click Next and you can then choose where to install it. At Risk for an Oracle Audit? Also required for saving specs is to click the “Save Test Configuration” button that’s ipmeter one with the disk icon.

Your friendly neighborhood virtualization guy. VMware ESX, XenServer, SAN’s and more!

Open link in a new tab. If the server under test is to be used for mixed data and user types, then we recommend an access specification that includes at least 50 percent random access. The screen above shows the “All in Iomeher spec that’s included with IOmeter.

The program does this automatically, but it can take considerable time to fill up large volumes.

You can grab the latest stable release from the downloads page.