Earlier we were using PDF creator software to convert spool files. laser printer connected to iSeries · Converting IPDS to AFPDS and getting. OVRPRTF FILE(BOLPRT) DEVTYPE(*AFPDS) PAGESIZE(11 + . Guys, anybody know how to convert the spool files to pdf in color. I discovered that the font we used on the overlay on the iseries is not supported in pdf. it possible to convert AFP spool files to PDFs for the purposes of archiving them ( creating some sort of index over them) without a) having InfoPrint for Iseries or.

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Simon Hutchinson August 27, at 7: Use the Page Down key to scroll down 4 or 5 pages until you find the entry for Page size. By using the iText PdfWriter, we pass the document object we just created and fileoutputstream we created during the input arguments to create the blank PDF file in the location specified.

Paul Putkowski March 27, at 3: Now the input stream needs to be converted to a string so that a PDF can be created with that wfpds. I don’t want to see us throw good money after bad.

Actually if you just define a printer emulation session and set the device to Microsoft PDF printer it’ll create a PDF that can be e-mailed. This takes you to the Work with Spooled File Attributes screen. The job qualifier, file name, and spooled file number are shown at the top of the Work with Spooled File Attributes screen.

Determine iseriea job qualifier, file name, and spooled file number for this spooled file. Look to see the value specified for the Widththen use one of the following CRTPF commands to create a physical file to store the data from the spooled files.


Converting an IBM i Spool File to a PDF

Paul thank you bring this to my attention. This sopoled be found by typing Option 8 attributes next to the spooled file, and pressing the Enter key.

I have using this since V5R4 and it still works in V7R1. Some people have reported that they cannot post a comment using certain computers and browsers.

Make sure you understand the format of the resulting PDF. Then using the getTransformedInputStream, the spool file contents will be transformed to the input stream.

Creating PDF files from spool files | – From AS to IBM i

The parameters that often need to be overridden include, but are not limited to, afpd following: Type Option 8 attributes next to the spooled file, and press the Enter key. Moti April 1, at 8: Not according to the web site it ain’t Do you know what I need to do to make these available on the command?

TXT to download the file to the PC. Next use the following Copy Spooled File CPYSPLF command for the remaining spooled files to add them to the end of the existing physical file member, which combine all of the spooled files into isseries single physical file member: This is an example.

Since the intent is to copy a spooled file, modify the data in the spooled file, and then copy it back to a new spooled file, a source physical file should be created using iserise Create Source Physical File CRTSRCPF command.

Document information More support for: I have times when a user will request that a report be emailed to them, rather than printed and sent to them via the inter company mail. This adds the external. Type option 8 attributes next to the spooled file and press the Enter key.


I can pick out where my pertinent pieces of data are when I run the program in debug mode and look at the user space.

IBM Using CPYSPLF to Re-Create a Spooled File or Create a PC File – United States

I rely on viewing the list of licensed programs to see if it is there. Written by Simon Hutchinson at 4: Number of the spool file that will be converted to the PDF.

This creates the Java class and opens in the Java Editor. The source physical file should be created with a record length at least 13 columns greater than the page width to accommodate not only the First Character Form Control FCFC byte, but also the source sequence number which contains 6 bytes and the date which contains 6 bytes which exist on each line of text in the source physical file member.

Or, it can be made available to users through iSeries Access for Web or other application running within WebSphere. Post by Walter Nasich look spooles this article http: IBM i Print Software version: During this process, many businesses want to use iserkes existing code to reach the market faster.

Scroll through the list of programs to find the following this is from a 7.