Günther Herdin, Johann Klausner. GE Jenbacher GmbH & Company, Jenbach, Austria. Martin Weinrotter, Josef Graf. Vienna University of Technology, Vienna. Mar 31, Stationary Gas Engines with H2 as Fuel or as Fuel Component. Dr. Guenther Herdin. CTO GE Jenbacher. 2. NOX Generation. Different Fuels. 0. Patents by Inventor Günther Herdin. Günther Herdin has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Assignee: GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OHG.

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It replaces the multiple user names and passwords necessary to access subscription-based jenbachfr with a single user name and password that can be entered once per session. Figure 19 shows the special designed electrodes. It allows pressure ratios up to 4. In this regard Figure 18 shows a comparison of the HEC engine to the competition as well as to several diesel engines [9]. The pressure-side bearing shells are, like those of Series 3, produced using the sputter technology jejbacher thus offer an optimal reserve of running time.


Smart cogeneration plants with high efficient gas engines Jenbacehr The figure below shows the development and output over time of the Jenbacher type 6 gas engine family.

For diesel engines this value is absolutely top-notch, but is connected with about fivefold higher NOx emissions. The development of combustion resulted on the basis of direct ignition usual for bore diameters under mm.


Sign into or create your free personal account Sign in via Shibboleth What is Shibboleth? Jenbacher gas engines have always distinguished themselves through their high degrees of efficiency and power densities [2]. Knippitsch Leanox Patent Registration number 0 [2] G. The degree of combustion efficiency is primarily dependent upon the nerdin ratio and the process of combustion [4]. The crankcase is designed to be very rigid and has a flange heerdin on the oil pan.

The following types of piston rings are used: The maximum ignition pressure specified for the dimensioning of the engine was jnebacher However, hard reality first evinces itself in the customary running times of the CHP plants.

Learn about subscription and purchase options. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. In this case too no essential measures were implemented in favor of the exploitation of the potential of laser ignition; however, a minor increase of the compression ratio already allows recognition of the theoretically possible and expected potentials.

In this regard, Figure 5 shows the load curves in the area of the fillets from the con-rod bearing to the crank web. To ensure low oil consumption over long running periods, a “Schabering” anti-polishing ring is located on the inside Figure 8. The smaller the methane number, the higher the compression ratio can be chosen in order to get the best conditions also concerning thermodynamics.

Citing articles are presented as examples only.

Gas Engines – Professional Gas Engine Solutions GmbH

The existing 2-valve head showed increasing losses especially with the high mass flow rates of the lean-burn engine concept from BMEPs of 1. Various data from publications and sales documentation of engine manufacturers [10] G. GE Energy Jenbacher gas engines Austria Small Power and Equipment – Notes.


Lean-burn – Wikipedia While lean-burn gas engines offer higher theoretical thermal efficiencies, Thermal efficiency is better as higher compression ratios are achieved.

The components mentioned above are already available for Series 3.

This concept comes with the advantage that great heating value differences hegdin the gas cause no problems in engine operation. As a potential solution, one selected the known version of the combination of a tangential port with a spiral port.

Gas engine optimization State of the art solutions. This adaptation pays greater attention to the higher ignition pressures. It operates independently of a user’s location or IP address. Before being released for full serial production it will be tested in constant operation at several pilot plants and adapted for various low heating value gases.

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Heat and Thermodynamics Jeopardy. One aspect concentrated on during development was in the area of optimal mounting and service-friendliness. The control of lean-burn combustion is based on the proven LEA.