Drawing computer based panels for depicting a model railroad layout, (PanelPro ®). What DCC systems will Decoder Pro work with? 3. with operating instructions. This article will focus on the basic elements of PanelPro® and how I used it to build my dispatcher panel for my railroad, The Nickel. #Start. ✓ Note: The setup options for . For experienced users of Panel Editor JMRI versions prior to

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Updated from Version 3. Please see our Gallery page for examples of how model railroaders have used this on their own layouts. Both versions include sounds and delays. If your LocoNet layout has different items attached at the addresses used by this demo it may behave strangely while running the demo files. The Route Edit panel has a new “Random” column with a menu of 10 items, The default is “Off” or disabled, and there are values between 10 and You’ll get a blank control panel, plus the editor window: Through the Operations menu you will be able to build trains from all your rolling stock, follow them on your JMRI Panels, print the paperwork to hand out to your crew and much more.

A Signal Mast can operate one or more heads, as required to do full prototypical signaling based on aspects. Once that is operating like you expect, comes the time to build a Panel, fill your Roster, etc. Also, refer to the signaling page for information on adding logic to operate the signals on your layout under the control of your panel.

JMRI Manual: Index

Our general advice is to start with the basics. When pressed will check all Car types, roads, and loads that the Track services, and confirm if the destinations selected can also service the same types, roads, and load. A turnout also has “unknown” and “inconsistent” states, represented by an icon with a question mark and X respectively.

The older clinic series is presented in the form of a series manuwl Macromedia Flash files.

JMRI® OperationsPro™ Manual

There’s also an example of using PanelPro for modular layouts. The extra indicators are included to assist in understanding the operation. Always make a backup of any panel files in case you need to return to an older version for any reason.


This Manual deals with OperationsPro versions 3. JMRI is a free software suite for programming decoders, creating panels, and other operations.

A section for adding a sensor.

JMRI Panel Tutorial

If you add a turnout, sensor or signal to a panel using just a number, e. JMRI is a Java-based cross-platform program suite for model railroaders. There are many other tools within JMRI which require a description of your railroad and the description comes from the Layout built in the Layout Editor.

Creating a panel These are made with a “Panel Editor”, which allows you to place images to represent turnouts, sensors on some systems and trackwork. Also checks there’s a Train that can service the Track and the destinations for all car types services by the Track.

Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed! For example, you can click on the circle in the middle of a track segment and select the associated occupancy detector Sensor on the layout. On the other hand, it provides only limited ability to customize how the panel appears. You can slide the label around after inserting it, but you currently can’t edit the text later. To add a new signal mast, you specify what kind of signaling system it uses see systemsthe specific signal type like “double searchlight” or “double head dwarf”, and what layout signal heads it’s going to drive.

The Layout Editor portion is manuall part 1. That will load it. For that we suggest you start setting up a simple track connected to your Command Station first. Many people use both, with the Layout Editor creating schematic panels to handle the actual configuration for signals and Rpo Editor providing exactly the appearance desired. There are versions available that will run faster for clinic presentation use.

These two panels operate together. There are also buttons to add more advanced objects, including a clock face, and checkboxes that control the operation of the panel. You can download the Part 2 xml file here. The CTC panel and the layout panel share the same internal sensors and turnouts and the Logix establishes the signals. It contains modular applications for: The example above is from Nick Kulp’s Cornwall Railroad.


Simply switch into simulator mode to prevent this. This constrains how the panel appears a little, but it can save significant time when first bringing your layout up. You’re not discouraged to dive in, but by taking on JMRI – or any powerful, but complex thing – one step at a time you sort of build peo solid foundation that will pay for itself in due time.

This paenl include a panel controlling your turnouts, manuall simply be running on a dedicated machine under the layout doing your signal logic. JMRI latest versions 2. Applications with Online Manual: As I told the folks at my clinics, If you see a test release that has been out for more than a week or so without a newer one replacing it, then feel confident that it will not cause you problems.

Gradually build on you foundation concepts of the program and pick up elements of interest by following some of the links at the bottom of the left sidebar on the JMRI web Help. Select a Train in the top pop-up menu and a Car Type to the left to view an overview of where this car type might be handled: The entire Location and Track names in your car Roster pane printed instead of just 38 characters.

But, it is primarily designed for automation and semi-automation within JMRI. You can have as many Panels as you like, covering as much or as little of your railway as you like, with overlaps in area or functionality if required. It’s also possible to create a panel where the “track” lines change color to indicate whether the track is occupied. Or anything else you find useful manuall control nmri railroad; you have total flexibility over their appearance. This page describes the application, and how to use it.

hmri The software can automatically work out how to set your signals based on the position of turnouts and whether blocks are occupied, and the rules appropriate to your railroad ie.