Read Kaholo 14 (kit) reviews, specs, & where to buy – “As a build it your own kit I There are no other SUP boards in the world that are easier for a first-time. Kaholo SUP series. About Us. The Kaholo series Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) are designed for cruising, touring, fitness and recreational racing. They are a. I picked up a copy of Wooden Boat magazine, which contained an article on how to build the Kaholo, a wooden stand up paddleboard (SUP).

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They can be printed for carrying around. Harris says he can envision shifting one of his hobbieswandering marinas on foot looking at boatsto a Kaholo. It describes all of the techniques that will kaohlo used during the build and also a step by step guide to construction. Three coats of epoxy and ready for sanding.

Kaholo Wood Touring Stand-Up Paddleboard: Build Your Own in Under 60 Hours!

I tell you this so that you do not make the same mistake Kahloo did. Interestingly, some of the traditional SUP industry is starting to look at the twin-fin design.

Kaholo 14’0″ Complete Kit view contents. Tracking is great and a fine bow with kayak-derived shaping lifts the Kaholo and 14 up and over waves. With their uncanny speed, the Kaholo and Kaholo 14 have found a following among racers. Recommended Usage Activity Shp I also added a hatch to store stuff. The Geometry of Rowing NanoShip: I built Alice Gale with only a jig saw and the DeWalt does make quicker and straighter cuts on the plywood.


Paddleboards & Surfing » Stand-Up Paddleboards

Our height and weight when choosing a kayak. Alternate colors and kanolo for a nice design. Paddler size — Up to for all paddlers: Kaholo 12’6″ Hybrid Complete Kit view contents.

All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! There are no other SUP oaholo in the world that are easier for a first-time boatbuilder, or better-looking.

They arrived in good order and I am happy with the instructions and full size printed plans. But you don’t give up one bit of performance if you build your own Kaholo!

Kaholo 14 kit Reviews. Pros Good price for a good product.

But a little faster. This was a fun day as I was able to start stitching the SUP together. It contains a photograph or diagram of every step. Rear deck cloth detail. Plan Trips from Outfitters Trips from the Community.

The Kaholo series wood SUP kits were designed as a twin-fin board although a single-fin box is available as an option. This site uses cookies. Annapolis Wherry MD Apr Kaholo 14 kit by Chesapeake Light Craft. I like the dry hatch its great for wallet and keys etc. Boat number two will be a cinch. Once I got the wood closer to plan dimension it was easier. I have progressed enough with the build to have sheathed the first boat hull with 4 0z fiberglass cloth and three coats of epoxy.

For fishing or expedition use, a wide range of weights, up to about The manual does not contain the cutting instructions so it is not possible to build the board from scratch using only this.


This does not include the long plywood stringers that slot into the frames and support the deck.

A detailed Kaholo 14 build log with lots of photos can be read on our forum. Shinto Saw Rasp 9″. It is now winter and I will have to wait until warmer weather to launch.

Kaholo Building Manual Only view contents. Kaholo 14′ Hybrid Complete Kit view contents. Great visibility you can see things you will miss in a kayak. Harken Boat Hoist Easy overhead storage access for your board or boat.

Both boats shown, one on right ready for deck installation. As a build it kahholo own kit I must say for a beginner with no previous knowledge of woodworking or boat making, their kits were fun and educational that even after one of my boards dropped it was a bad day I was able to fix it over a weekend.

I made a new batten from left over shear clamp material. The board is okoume marine plywood, stitched-and-glued together and sheathed in glass fabric, with a grid of bulkheads and stiffeners inside to make the board stiff and light. Foam Brush – 2″ Disposable.