(At the time of writing this tutorial, there are 26 mat. libraries available in the KT I.e. with Google SketchUp a scene will get exported as a camera position if. Kerkythea is simple to get started with, but has sophisticated settings to produce very professional final outcomes. Kerkythea and the Sketchup. Quickly creating 3D-models and doing sketchy renderings is clearly the strength of SketchUp. Most of its modeling feature set is even available.

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Instant 3D city builder!

SketchUp and Kerkythea :: SketchUp 3D Rendering Tutorials by SketchUpArtists

Keep light emitting objects simple i. Go to the plugins menu and export the scene. Hopefully after studying this you will be so impressed with Kerkythea that it will encourage you to learn Kerkythea deeper. At this stage you could just click render, but a few short minutes work will greatly imrove the image! In order to get decent shadows through the windows, we ideally want a thin glass material. This will create an XML-file and a sub-folder with all the textures.

Thanks for this tutorial! It should appear inside Kerkythea in wireframe mode.

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Create your SketchUp model. A very basic workflow goes like this:. If you need to have blurred backgrounds, render a depth map in Kerkythea one of the last settings and add DOF in Photoshop.


Instant 3D city builder! Kerkythea also allows you to create or modify textures to your own specification, by right clicking tutoriaal a material in the left pane and going to Edit Material. Download Kerkythea sample materials and models trees etc. Fire up Kerkythea and off we go.

Rendering SketchUp models with Kerkythea

This lists firstly all the different materials used in the model, then the lights in this case just the sunthen the cameras views that we already set up. Open File in Kerkythea. Learn SketchUp to Layout for Architecture! Kerkythea installs as a separate program and SketchUp models are converted to its XML-based scene description language with a very seamless exporter plug-in a Ruby-plugin.

I have noticed that my globals appear extremely blurry and pixelated…any idea what this may be? This tutorial takes you through the basics assuming that you can already use SketchUp to some degreewhich should be enough for you to try out a few things of your own. PlaceMaker automates the creation of your site model with a simple mouse stroke! Get downloading Obviously first you need to download and install the latest version of Kerkythea sketcup their website here.

Nick is a third year Architect at the University of Bath, with a strong interest in graphic design and art. The rendering engine then provides various rendering methods such as ray tracing, tutoiral mapping, path tracing, BiPT, MLT and also presets for clay and ambient occlusion renderings.


Hi, this is a great introduction to Kerkythea for me, as I have just learned of it. It kerkythew depends too, on how it was modeled. Create stunning presentations to visualize your ideas. Double-Cut Make your windows and door components automatically cut through double-sided walls!

Click on image to view tutorial.

The SketchUp exporter download includes a sample file that is very illustrative. Download the SketchUp exporter plugin and the SketchUp light components here. It will guide you through scene setup, light creation, modification, animation setup, export and rendering.

Check out this great new learning resource and their other tutorials. This tutorial is very skethup and simple, especially for a beginner like me. Look at this post for an overviewI suggest you take a look at the freeware Kerkythea.

See this link here for more info http: This book will make you wave goodbye to AutoCAD. Thank you very much! As with any renderer, a large number of reflective and refractive materials glass, metal, etc. Profile Builder 2 takes parametric modelling to the next level.