Results 1 – 7 of 7 Ketab-e-Siyah by Susej, Tsirk and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at The Demonic Bible. by Magus Tsirk Susej, Antichrist. Servant & Disciple of the Dark Lord. As revealed to him by his Unholy Guardian Demon,. the spirit Azael. Buy a cheap copy of Ketab-e-Siyah book by Tsirk Susej. Free shipping over $

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I bless and consecrate this neck in the name of Satan and in the name of Lucifer. This is followed by the Call of the 30 Ayres. This does kegab prove the objective existence of demons, only the ability of the human mind to become a powerful “receiver” and “transmitter” of telepathic signals. Come forth and manifest thyself!

The Midday of the first wiyah as the third heaven made of 26 Hyacinth pillars in whom the Elders are become strong which I have prepared for my own righteousness sayth the Lord whose long continuance shall be as bucklers to the stooping Dragons and like unto the harvest of a widow. Come forth, Nine Great Lords of the Abyss, kdtab manifest thyselves. Come away but not your mighty sounds. Can the wings of the winds understand your voices of wonder?

Light incense; place incense in incense burner. Lord of the Earth, I conjure thee.

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Ketab-e-Siyah – Tsirk Susej – Google Books

Man must pass through each preceding Aeon in order to reach the current Aeon. Open wide thy gate that I may descend to the Realm eiyah Chaos.

Come forth, Beelzebub, and manifest thyself Within this body, this temple which I have prepared. Invocation of Gorgo Gorgo, I invoke thee. What he fears in others is what he fears most in himself. Behold his mercies flourish and his Name is become mighty amongst us.

Invoke the Unholy Trinity 2nd lunar month: Open wide the Gates of Hell that I may cross and become like you. This book includes many of the formulas given in the Demonic Bible but is not the entire Demonic Bible, ktab unholy book being thousands of pages in length in its entirety.


Demogorgon, I summon thee. This is the Christianity we have been left with today, a religion of blind faith and superstition – intolerant of all others faiths. You may wear any clothing if you do not have oetab robe, although you may prefer to dress in black. Come forth, Thoth, and manifest ketxb. Come forth, Absu, and manifest thyself Within this body, this temple which I have prepared. To become a God, you must realize that you are a God.

Todd marked it as to-read Sep 10, I am in fire; I am in air; I am the Devil Incarnate. Come forth, Lucifer, and manifest thyself Within this body, within this temple which I have prepared.


Come forth, Demogorgon, and manifest thyself. Come forth, Nine Great Lords of the Abyss, and manifest thyselves Within this body, this temple which I have prepared.

Ketab-e-Siyah by Tsirk Susej (2007, Paperback)

Is the river the water which fills the river, or is the river the rock and dirt over which the water flows? Six are the seats of living breath, the rest are as sharp sickles, or the horns of death wherein the Creatures of the earth are, and are not, Except in mine own hand, which sleep and shall rise.

Be siyzh nto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. The following is an example ritual working which a novice practitioner may wish to employ:.

The eighth lock is open. The seventh lock is open. O Ancient One, I give you my seed, my progeny, and my family line, So that all those ketag come after me, who are of my flesh an my blood, Shall serve thee, shall worship thee, shall glorify thee. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.