“The essence of Air is the essence of speed and awareness. It is oneness with the world, both physical and spiritual.” – The Tao of Shinsei. L5R Book of Air *OP [Aeg] on The Book of Air is the first in a series of elemental sourcebooks that will explore the L5R RPG Book of Earth * OP. Some news on AEG forum re: Book of Air release Seriously, L5R 4e is one of the best RPGs out there. I’m going to see if I can order this book.

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PageDeathseeker Path: You may only have one Symbol of Air in existence at any time, and Symbol spells of different elements oof never affect the same area. When a priest invokes this incantation, the Air kami gather together and form a mystical lens through which the shugenja may see the world as the spirits themselves perceive it.

I will read every book they ever print in that setting, but I don’t think I’ll ever play it. Images akr by this spell are completely stationary, and if placed in a situation where they must move such as floating in waterdisappear instantly.

This creation is an illusion, but it can be used functionally, including damage if it is a weapon.

L5R 4e The Book of Air HC RPG | #

The kami can carry whispers across an Empire, if properly entreated to do so. Page 79, Imperial Scion Rank 2: I guess I see the CCG storyline of which I am often critical as one of many possible stories which could be told in that universe — and every campaign is another possible story.

The bird will fly to their location, deliver the message via a whisper it can be overheard by others, but not easilyand then disappear. They can also generally ignore effects which would target Mental Traits or Rings, although it is possible an odd situation might arise where such an effect could have an impact on them — the GM should use common sense and good judgment in such situations.


The School should have the Artisan: You could use this spell to assume the guise of a kenku, for example, because they roughly the same size as humans. Posted April 18, edited.

I’ve got every book and its always the first suggestion k5r my group talks about a new campaign.

Role Playing Games : Eastern : Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition – Patriot Games Ltd

Their affinity to the Air kansen gives them an unnatural ability to absorb spells and hurl them back at their enemies, making them a particular threat to shugenja. The power of Air magic via the Air kami, including illusion, illumination, and communication.

The Mantis or the Tortoise might consider them Bugei Skills. The spell entices the Air kami to subtly enhance the target’s physical attractiveness, emphasizing his or her fest features and smoothing away any imperfections.

However, it cannot be used to snatch items from someone else’s grasp or person – the Air spirits consider that to spoil the fun.

It calls the kami to create a subtle aura qir suggestion around the caster, one that does not disguise the caster but rather causes others to perceive him as slightly more benevolent than perhaps he truly is. The oni should have the Special Ability of Huge. The Yosuchi no Oni is almost as insubstantial as the Element from which it was created, and is thus both difficult to fight and dangerous to those it attacks. The way I would like to run xir is to have everyone be a combination of bushi and courtier: That being said, it doesn’t take too many skill points to be able to stand up for yourself in a court environment.

Index of /zetsu/l5r

The correct rule is that an iaijutsu duel takes place over three Rounds Assessment, Focus, and Strike. The wyrms do not seem to serve willingly, and will not fight unless commanded to by the one who holds their amulet; some shugenja have reported sensing a profound spiritual anguish in the presence of wyrms, leading to speculations that they may actually be 4r from the Spirit Realms gook have been enslaved by the shamans Wyrm Air: The description is correct — it is a Mystical Kiho.


O can completely alter the appearance of the terrain within the area of effect of this spell. You mix with the wind itself and become insubstantial. This spell is a subtle illusion used to conceal a shugenja’s trail from pursuers. Every individual you choose within the area of effect of this spell is rendered invisible to all normal senses for the duration of the spell. The spirits will supply a visual and auditory illusion to accompany the story, drawing the sounds and images from the mind of the storyteller.

A prayer used by shugenja to aid bushi when an arrow absolutely must hit its target.

Book of Air (RPG book)

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More information on the iaijutsu dueling system of Rokugan, one of the most iconic elements of the samurai story in Legend of the Five Rings. If the target is physically or mentally active, the spell will fo put him to sleep, but he will suffer the effects of being Fatigued for the duration of the spell. That being said my favorite times to set a cool campaign in which your players can try to affect the cannon lore are: The one universal principle is that a duel is fought only with swords, and usually the katana.

Kakita school gets a bonus to duelling, Bayushi school gets a bonus to deception of all kinds etc.